What is Guest Blogging and How Does It Boost Your SEO?

The number of bloggers in the United States is expected to reach over 30 million by the year 2020.


The increase in the number of bloggers shows how important blogging has become to search engine optimization (SEO).


However, sometimes the on-page SEO generated by your own blogging is not enough to drive traffic to your web pages. That’s why you have to venture outward and take advantage of guest blogging services.


Below you’ll find out all about guest blogging and how it boosts your SEO. Let’s go!

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest bloggers write content for other blog owners. This is normally on subjects or styles which are similar to the guest blogger’s own blog.


Why do they do it?


By guest blogging on another blog, you can receive links back to your blog in exchange. It’s also another excellent opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in the niche market.


You can learn more about guest blogging here.

1. Link Building

Guest bloggers are rewarded for the content they produce with a link to a web page of their own. Link-building is important for SEO. Search engine algorithms boost websites with links to recognizable websites with authority.


It’s most important to receive links from high-quality websites. It’s the quality of links not the number of links which the search engines value.


Plus, the links to your web pages provide you with another source of web traffic. And best of all, the user clicking through is probably your target audience since you’re writing on a similar blog to your own.


This happens on either the guest blogger’s bio section of the website or in the form of an anchor text within the content. The number of links can range from a single link to up to around four or five links.

2. Improve Credibility and Trust

Guest blogging improves the credibility of the blogger because they have been approved by the website owner to produce content. That’s why guest blogging is used to enhance the authority of bloggers in the particular industry.


However, it’s also in the interests of the website owner. Not only does the owner of the blog receive free high-quality content. But also, nearly 63 percent of consumers believe a blog with multiple authors is more credible compared to a blog with a single author.

3. Social Media Presence

Social media is another important component of SEO. If you have nothing to share with your followers, why would they bother being interested?


Guest blogging provides you with content for you share with your followers on Facebook and Twitter.


This provides you with yet another source of web traffic for your website. While you also develop engagement among your target audience.

Guest Blogging Services

Now you know how guest blogging services can boost your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).


It may seem counterintuitive to give away free content. And also, you may think twice about allowing a competitor to post on your blog.


However, now you realize it makes sense. Discover more about how to take advantage of guest blogging by reading our blog on how to start a blog.


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