6 Tactics for Promoting Your Local Business

As a small business proprietor, you must establish connections with local patrons, integrate into the community, and differentiate yourself from your rivals. However, understanding how to market your business locally requires clever marketing techniques.

Given the limited pool of potential customers in your vicinity, prioritizing local marketing endeavors is essential, especially when considering that your competitors are also courting these same customers. To distinguish yourself from your competitors and devise ways to attract the notice of local consumers, adhere to this guide which presents six varied marketing tactics.

Implement Ads That Are Targeted Towards a Local Audience

Incorporating local digital advertisements into your marketing strategy allows you to connect with a demographic that might otherwise be unreachable. The strength of online ads is their capacity to engage distinct local groups.

One avenue to explore is search engine marketing (SEM). These ads appear at the forefront of local search engine results. You can select a target audience and specific keywords for your ads. This ensures your business is the first thing locals see when searching for your product or service.

For example, if you operate a salon in Detroit, Michigan, you might opt to sponsor ads that surface every time someone searches for “top salon in Detroit.” Your business gains prime visibility, appearing on the page before competitors.

Direct Mail

Direct mail efforts entail dispatching physical items such as newsletters, promotional pamphlets, branded goods, and presents, among others, to your present and potential clientele. A key advantage of direct mail marketing is its ability to help your local business break free from the overwhelming online chatter and connect with customers via their physical mailboxes.

Not all individuals appreciate receiving leaflets. In certain homes, these are immediately destined for the bin. Nonetheless, when executed proficiently, direct mail campaigns can be a palpable method to interact with your local community and foster an emotional bond that they’ll associate with your brand the next time they seek your services or products.

Execute Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Promoting your business is one thing, but having Google do it for you takes it to another level. SEO consists of strategies that help your business align with Google’s ranking algorithm. This algorithm, over time, has evolved to incorporate machine learning and user behavior to deliver precise and superior results for users.

Optimizing for search engines essentially equates to optimizing for your potential customers, especially those looking for your services or products. SEO isn’t a single approach but a combination of various tactics to boost your rank. Thanks to Google’s exceptional location-based results, your business can compete with large retailers to appear on Google’s first page, without any additional expense (excluding, of course, the costs involved in creating a website).

Utilize Local Directory Services

While connecting with a larger audience may seem daunting, inputting your business details into numerous local citation management services becomes feasible. This action enhances the visibility of your business on search engines. Your only task is to fill in an information form and adhere to the guidelines given on the website. The process can be finished through standard postal mail or over the phone.

Offer Discounts

Customers are mindful of pricing. Small businesses should acknowledge this and adapt their pricing strategies as needed. Some business owners might be reluctant to provide discounts, fearing it may degrade their brand’s worth. Additionally, the existing prices may not permit profitable returns with discounts.

If you are in this situation, you might want to contemplate increasing your standard prices. You can then offer discounts on these revised prices. From a psychological standpoint, this approach is more attractive to your customers. They appreciate the sensation of securing a bargain. Should your local business operate an online store, having an active discount code could boost your likelihood of securing additional sales.

Collect Reviews and Testimonials

Leveraging customer reviews and testimonials can significantly bolster your local marketing approach. They act as social proof, a powerful tool in local marketing, and sharing feedback from verified local customers about your services or products can establish credibility for your business within the community. It’s key to remember that 87% of consumers research online reviews for local businesses.

Actively pursuing reviews should be a top priority. Seek them out on all prominent platforms (such as Facebook, Google, and Local Listing platforms) and encourage contented customers to review your products and services.  Always respond to both positive and negative reviews. Promote positive feedback across your digital presence; your website, social media pages, and other online platforms.


Crafting custom-made and exclusive content that assists and captivates local audiences is a prime strategy to set your business apart from your rivals. Finally, enhancing your content for local search engine results can ensure that your material appears in local searches, making it readily accessible to prospective clients.

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