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Upgrade Your Designs with Pixelo – Full Review 2018

Not all fonts are created equal. Sometimes, no matter how great your content is, the message simply can’t make the right impact if you don’t use the proper font. Apart from the content, the right font and design should be used to communicate the message cleverly and creatively.

Choosing the right font will help evoke the right emotion from your audience. The font that you choose for your content presents its own message, no matter how subtle. In fact, in a study by writer and filmmaker Errol Morris, he discovered that readers tend to agree with what they’re reading if it’s written in the Baskerville font rather than other more popular fonts like Comic Sans, Helvetica or Trebuchet.

Clearly, some fonts convey a message more strongly than others, so the ones you choose should appeal to your readers in a specific way. Yes, you’ve got good content, but the way it is presented matters, too. Using great design, you can deliver your message more effectively.


Why Pixelo?

If you’ve got great content, you can improve it even more with unique design assets from Pixelo. Pixelo is the number one online resource for practically all of your design needs. Aside from fonts, you can purchase icons, patterns, headers, backgrounds and other design elements.

The site has a wide selection of design assets you can choose from. With Pixelo, you have access to thousands of the most unique yet functional fonts for every specific need. And besides a wide array of fonts fit for every theme or occasion, Pixelo offers the following perks:

  • A treasure trove of design elements

The design elements can be used in any of your projects, whether it is for personal use or for corporate use. From unique fonts to design assets for corporate logos—the possibilities are endless. You can benefit from Pixelo whether you are an expert graphic designer or a budding artist.

  • Affiliated designers

These creations are carefully handpicked by design experts from the works of affiliated artists, all of whom are among the best in their field.

  • User-friendly website

The Pixelo website is incredibly easy to navigate. Aside from this, the customer support team is on standby 24/7, so you can contact them anytime you need assistance.

  • One-time purchase

When you buy any of Pixelo’s bundles, you get permanent access to the items in that package. This allows you to build a huge gallery of fonts—all you have to do is take your pick. Pixelo offers most of their bundles with personal and commercial licenses, too.


Who Can Use Pixelo?

Pixelo can be used by any professional whose job requires imagination and creativity. Pixelo offers so many useful tools that any graphic designer can add to their arsenal.

When your job requires you to be creative, it’s easy to get burnt out or run out of ideas. With Pixelo’s design assets, creatives can not only speed up their process, but also get some added inspiration.

But other professionals can also take advantage of these offers, from teachers preparing worksheets to business analysts preparing presentations. Bloggers and social media influencers can certainly use the designs from Pixelo as well. Anyone who needs an artistic edge will benefit from Pixelo’s bundles.


Pixelo’s Latest Bundle

What sets Pixelo apart from other design websites are the bundles. Each bundle is packaged together by expert designers. Each bundle is available in high-resolution formats compatible with Mac, Windows or Linux.

Pixelo regularly offers affordable bundles. The site’s current offering is the Decorative Fonts Bundle. For a limited time, you can purchase 121 unique fonts for commercial use at just $39 instead of $836! That’s a whopping 95% in savings!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find in the bundle:

  • Francy Typeface – Creative Font Trio by Qilli. Perfect for kids’ posters, invitation and gift cards.
  • High Vibe by fopifopi. This exclusive font is best used for album covers, t-shirt designs and even band logos.
  • Friday Killer Font by fopifopi. Inspired by bad boys, this edgy font is perfect for prints, posters, band logos and blog headers.
  • Toonish Typeface by fopifopi. If your designs need sweet and wholesome elements to add that joyous charm.
  • Magic Snow – Christmas Typeface by Quilli. This font contains hand-drawn Christmas elements for wrapping paper or gift tags.

This deal expires on November 19th. Check it out here!


50-christmas-elements Halloween banner


Holiday Freebies and the All-Shop Bundle

If you are not yet ready to shell out your dollars for the bundles, try out the power of Pixelo through their freebies. They offer special holiday bundles at a 20% to 30% discount, but a couple of Halloween and Christmas bundles are actually available right now for free! The Halloween bundle has more than 100 elements for your designs this season. And, of course, one of the hit freebies is the Christmas bundle, with 50+ elements for your cards and party invitations.

And, of course, there’s the ‘all-shop’ bundle, where Pixelo offers the contents of their entire shop for a ridiculously affordable cost. This deal is not currently being offered, but it’s a promo that happens once every three months, so keep your eyes peeled!

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