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Reviews Codester – Online Marketplace to Buy Scripts and Source Code

Codester is an online marketplace that connects buyers with ready-to-use open source software solutions designed for a number of platforms. It’s also a place where web and software developers can place their work for sale to anyone who is interested in what they have to offer.

What drives people towards Codester

Imagine a place where you can find PHP scripts, Android and iOS apps, WordPress themes and templates, as well as a number of other digital craftwork that you can customize and use any way you like. Codester provides a choice of more than 5000 different products, uploaded by developers who made them. The offer includes more than a thousand App templates, over 500 PHP scripts, and thousands of website themes and templates, all available for customization. Additionally, all the products are classified into main categories and subcategories that allow even more detailed filtering and save you the trouble of looking in the wrong places.

Such a vast library of products allows buyers to find exactly what they need simply by browsing through the desired category or just by typing in what they need into a search bar. Once the user finds the product, one simply needs to download it, along with all following documentation that supports the product. It’s a seamless way to obtain the missing piece for your puzzle.

Developers that are looking for a place to sell their work should take Codester into account simply because it’s the simplest way to create a passive income. One doesn’t have to go through a series of talks and convince the buyer in the quality of their work. All it takes is to upload your work and wait for the technical staff to verify your work before placing it up on the market for sale.

Buyers can leave reviews and rate the quality of the software they downloaded which can help developers make a name for themselves and sell even more of their work. On the other side, buyers can make a purchasing decision easier if they have some sort of feedback from earlier customers.

The fact that Codester is not platform-oriented is what distinguishes this website from many others on the market. Furthermore, uploading a piece of software on Codester doesn’t mean you can’t publish your work elsewhere or sell directly to a buyer that contacts you in some other way. This is important because nobody wants to be tied up to one place and lose the opportunity to make a higher revenue simply because the terms of use don’t allow selling on multiple platforms. With Codester one can sell their software anywhere and to anyone they want.

Speaking of revenue, it’s important to say that Codester offers the highest commission rates on the market for the software sold on their platform. While most platforms provide 30-50 percent commission, there is a 70 percent commission rate on Codester which means that the developer gets most of the money paid by the buyer. With no exclusivity clause and a commission rate that far surpasses the competition, Codester represents a logical choice for anyone who wants to make the most of their work. In order to collect their profits uploaders have a monthly payoff period and the choice to transfer their funds via PayPal or wire transfer, depending on their requirements.

The buyers are not left alone once the purchase is completed. In order to maximize the extent of the user experience quality, Codester provides support after purchase in case the customer experiences any issues once the product is downloaded and tested.


What can we find on Codester?

There are five main categories of products available on Codester:

  • Scripts & Code
  • App Templates
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Graphics

Each of these categories provides a string of subcategories that allow you a more detailed choice.

Scripts & Code include PHP, JavaScript, Python, Java, Ruby and many others. App templates provide templates for platforms like Android, iOS, Unity, Titanium, Buildbox, etc. Website themes and plugins include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, WooCommerce and a series of other platforms.

For those who need fast and customizable graphics solutions, there is a choice of User interfaces, gaming assets, logos, and fonts that will allow you to renew your visual signature in the online world.

No matter if you’re looking for a plugin that will improve the quality of your web content or simply need to freshen up your visual appeal, Codester provides a unique marketplace that allows you to find exactly what you need with no hustle at all. Those that seek a passive source of income also have an ally in Codester with their high commission rates, freedom to sell on other markets, and free signup.

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