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Instagram has come a long way since it was created in 2010. Initially, it was used as a simple photo-sharing platform, and much of that is still true today. However, as content needs shift and social expectations evolve, Instagram has moved with the times. For example, Reels were introduced to match rival platforms TikTok, businesses can sell products, and there’s even NFT activity following the boom of 2021. Although the changes are mostly great for users, it makes boosting reach tricky for marketers.

Go Live

Instagram has the ability to launch live stories, which are a fantastic way to interact with your community on a more personal level. Followers can ask questions in the comments, and you can answer them directly. Before you go live, you should plan what topics you will be covering, which will avoid unnecessary pauses — viewers will leave if your stream is boring.

Host Giveaways

People follow businesses on social media to get the most recent updates, but the prospect of a free giveaway is enough to whip any community into a frenzy. Your followers on Instagram will enjoy pictures and art, but they’ll also be following wider social trends. With this in mind, you can easily create a unique line of NFTs using OKX, which you can give away for free to promote your brand. Winners of your NFTs can then sell them in exchange, which will provide your business with even more exposure.

Use Different Hashtags

Twitter introduced the hashtag, but it’s been adopted by almost every platform out there, including Instagram. You can use hashtags to attract wide interest to your post. If you’re not receiving much attention for your content, try editing the hashtags to something more relevant and update. However, you should avoid spamming your posts with hashtags because it looks messy.

Post During Peak Hours

People typically browse social media at certain times of the day, which means you need to schedule your posts accordingly. If you post something in the middle of the night, the chances are there’ll be hundreds of other posts in your users’ feeds by the time they wake up.

You will find plenty of websites claiming the best time of day to post, but it’s not a guarantee. The type of audience you have will determine when you should post. The best way to figure out a great schedule is to try different times over the space of a month and see which posts get the best engagement.

Create Engaging Content

Your posts can be scheduled at the right time and use the correct hashtags, but you’ll never improve your reach if your content isn’t engaging. When your posts are engaging and interactive, more people will like and share your posts with their stories which helps direct more people to your posts. Remember, it’s social media, so try not to make every single post about products and services.

Instagram is a powerful tool for growing a community, but posting simple photos isn’t enough anymore. Your posts need to be engaging and targeted correctly, then you can watch your reach increase.

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