Tips to Increase Your Tech Brand’s Online Presence

The tech industry continues to churn out new developments, making our lives easier and paving the way forward for innovation to thrive. It is against this backdrop that the tech companies are investing more in marketing and brand-building.


If you happen to be an entrepreneur in the field of software and AI products, you know full well that in order to get by in such competitive niches, an effective web presence is second to none. As more companies align their businesses with the demand for digitization, online marketing has become highly essential.


Still, not many companies know how to approach digital marketing properly. For sure, increasing a tech brand’s web presence takes more than just creating landing pages and sharing content through social media.


That being said, let’s look at the tips you should know that will help you improve your tech business’s online visibility.


  1. Take keyword research seriously

If you think search engine optimization, or SEO, is just waste of time with little to no value, then you may as well go back to the fundamentals. Even if you have a great website with a responsive design and engaging content, your efforts will be all for naught without SEO. It’s basically the foundation of your brand’s online success, so it’s very important to take it seriously.


For that, make sure you do ample research. You can use various keyword research tools that can help you find keywords you should use and compare them with the keywords that your competitors use. This allows you to use keywords you should compete for to improve your search rankings.


For starters, you can use tools like SpyFu to help you generate a list of keywords for your content writers. Google’s Keyword Planner is also great if you’re planning on a PPC campaign. You can also go the more practical route by simply typing in a keyword in the search bar and writing down the suggestions.


  1. Tweak your onsite SEO

Aside from keyword research, you will also need to optimize your webpages to make them more searchable online. Keyword-rich content is not the only approach you should use. You can also consider interlinking, where you can provide your content with outbound and inbound links that can increase the SEO value of your webpages.


You may need to provide alt image tags if you have graphics and other visuals for your content. It’s also important to provide great meta-descriptions for your blog posts and webpages. If you are at a loss when it comes to onsite SEO, you can look for the right SEO consultants to help you out.


  1. Curate your content

The type of site content you publish is an important element in your tech brand’s online searchability. Along these lines, you should be able to create content that suits the interests and preferences of your target market. If you’re a tech brand that focuses on gaming, for instance, you can write articles about VR games and next-generation consoles.


To find the right topics you can write about, use content curation tools like Scoop.It or Buzzsumo so you can generate ideas that get a lot of engagement from your target audience.

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