8 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Website Design

Ever surfed the net for a specific company website and been less than impressed? Was it because the font was so small and cluttered you felt as though you were back at school reading a journal paper? Or was it because the images and designs were such poor quality you started browsing competitor websites?

old web design

No matter the size of your business your company or trade needs a professional looking website. And not just any website that sits there hibernating, waiting until you have funds to update it, to refresh your design and optimise for mobile devices. Because for all you know, it could take months to years for that to happen and by that stage your competitors would have roped your potential customers in with their well-groomed websites and you’re left with diddly-squat consumers.

The most valuable tool for any growing small business is to have an online presence for customers to visit and re-visit. Your website must be accessible and easy to navigate if you want to climb up the rankings in Google search. In an aggressive market where user satisfaction is priority, investing in a new website design is a must. And here are 8 reasons why.


Mobile Design Capacity

Consistent and mobile design is a must in today’s age. Mobile phones are playing a more important role in consumers’ lives than ever before as a result of pressing activity and workplace demands. Did you know that the percentage of website visits on mobile devices grew from 57% to 63% between 2016 and 2017? Just imagine how much that percentage will grow in coming years.

With this statistic in mind, it is absolutely critical you have your website optimised for mobile design capacity as users are more likely to visit your site from their mobiles. Websites that display well on mobiles provide a better user experience, which in turn will result in higher website traffic and sales for you.

mobile friendly web layout

Your Competition Has A Website

Take a look at your competition’s websites. Are you losing sales to them because their websites are more accessible and more polished? Or, on the other hand, maybe they don’t have websites. That gives you even greater advantage to pull out on top with your own quality site. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to grow your business.


Open For Business 24/7

Contact Us Sample

There are only so many hours in a day you can dedicate to your physical business. When you have a quality website you are available to your customers day and night, seven days a week. With a well-designed site that features your online contact details your consumers are able to contact you outside of business hours. If it is an e-commerce site you have, they can even buy from you after hours.


Click Conversions

Once your site charms customers with its stunning images, cultivated design and interesting content, the goal is to get them to delve further into your site. You want them to learn about your products and services and have them engage with your content. Show consumers that you care about your business and that what you’re offering them is top quality. You want them to trust your brand and spend lots of money. This is click conversion.


People Will Search For You Online 

You wouldn’t risk running your business without a phone, would you? So why risk running it without a quality website? In today’s market, people will search for you online. But if your website is not high quality you are telling consumers you are not interested in being accessible to them or that you value your business.


Websites Are Key For Advertising

A well-designed, seamless website provides numerous avenues for you to reach your audience. Not only can you advertise your products or services, but you can advertise who you are and why consumers should buy from you. A website is like a free brochure that you can reproduce, interact with and reach relevant audiences.


Build Your Brand’s Image

A shiny new website will increase brand awareness and perception just by translating a sense of quality and sophistication. Your goal is to make consumers aware of your brand. A well-designed website will impart confidence and trust in the consumer. Without a quality website you are damaging your brand’s reputation.


Obtaining Insight From Your Customers

You can turn your website into a handy marketing tool. By having forms, surveys and questionnaires you will gain information from your clients about their desires and wishes, and how they view your products and services.

Feedback Form Sample



We have concluded that websites do affect the user’s experience. A site that is unresponsive and not efficiently handled will have you wanting to leave, never to return. It is important for your website to be so easily navigated that even your granny can use it. Don’t let new marketplace trends pass you by. Invest in a website that gives you a competitive edge.



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