4 Tricks to Make Your E-Commerce Site Stand Out

In this time of increased online competition, it is important to ensure that your e-commerce site stands out from the rest. You can do this by offering your customers an unmatched shopping experience they will not forget.

It is estimated that by this time next year, global online sales will have increased by at least 150%. This means more competition for your brand, which can result in decreased sales and lesser profit margins.

To ensure that this does not happen, follow these 4 tricks to ensure that your e-commerce site truly stands out:

1 –Choose a niche

Over-saturation of the e-commerce market means that there are sellers for everything under the sun. Hence, targeting a niche within a niche can help your online business stand out from the rest.

For example, if you are selling mobile chargers then do not simply offer a variety of brands. Carry the brands that best fit your niche and mission.

If you are focused on eco-friendly technology, then offer solar chargers.

While this can significantly reduce your mass appeal, it can help you attract the right visitors, who are also your main target audience.

Attracting the ideal customer is also important –it can help increase your website optimisation rates and generate more leads and sales. If you wish to know more ways through which you can make your e-commerce business stand out through methods like this one, then read this eBook to learn more.

2 –Use social media wisely

In today’s social world, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a virtual gold mine of potential customers. Knowing how to actually engage customers from these platforms can help provide increased traffic to your e-commerce site. It is important to tailor your posts, tweets or images in a way which attracts the right audience, based on their unique hobbies and interests.

Creative content shared on social media platforms can open up new demographics and markets for you e-commerce site. Posting photos, videos and motivational content linked to your brand can help you reach millions of social media users. However, it is important to remember that any and all content which you post on social media should contain strong ‘calls to action’ which can attract people to your e-commerce website.

Also remember that being different in the world of social media gets you more shares, which then translate into visitors and ultimately, customers.

3 –Focus on your images and videos

Use images and photos to differentiate your products and your overall business. This is one of the best ways of ensuring increased traffic to your website. Tailor your photos to appeal to your target audience. For example, if you are offering solar mobile chargers, then you know that your target audience primarily includes people who are conscious about the environment. Hence, include pictures and images of grasslands, clean spaces, etc. This can greatly help your target audience connect with your particular brand.

Videos are another way of ensuring that visitors remain on your site longer, thereby adding to the chance of them converting into actual customers. Instructional videos have specifically been known to attract visitors to websites. Gone are the days when people would consult experts to seek answers to their problems – now, all people have to do is log on to a search engine to find their answer.

Companies increasingly use instructional videos to share different tips – for example, many cosmetics e-stores regularly update new makeup tutorials to attract people. Others have entire sections dedicated to makeup tips which are prominently displayed on landing and product pages. These sections are filled with instructional videos on how to use products that the online store carries. Often, a link to the products is also included on a panel next to the video for added convenience.

Videos, like images, are a powerful tool for converting visitors into sales. Many people also prefer to watch instructional videos as opposed to reading instructions on how to use a certain product. Videos which show the benefits of certain products also serve to boost sales. For example, if you carry solar chargers, then a video on the effects of electronics on global warming can certainly help sell your products.

For increased exposure and user engagement, you can also share these photos and videos on social media platforms.

4 –Use the right words

This is one of the most important and widely ignored tricks to make your online business truly stand out. Many e-commerce stores fail to use text, including product descriptions, which is specifically targeted towards your customers. Moreover, product descriptions are almost always facts.

Being different is your key to success. Try to use clever wordplay when naming and describing your products to catch the attention of visitors. Also, when your website content is creative customers tend to remember you; this translates into increased visits and sales.

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