Speed Up Website Load Time Using Cloud Services

We live in an age where people have more options and decreasing attention spans. Nobody has the time to wait. ‘Instant’ is certainly the buzzword of this millennia and anything that is slow is instantly rejected. As per, it is safe to say that if your website does not load within ~2 seconds, then you would lose a lot of visitors. Also, Google and other search engines consider website load time as one of the key factors to determine the pagerank of the site.

There can be many reasons why a website takes more time to load – from heavy image size to server configuration issues to improper use of JavaScript and/or CSS files and slow hosting. The list can be really long. In this post, we will focus on Cloud Hosting and Cloud Services like Content Delivery Network(CDN), and how they can speed up your website load time.

Before we begin with various Cloud services and related technologies, lets try and understand the basic building blocks of Cloud by getting to know Public and Private Clouds. Depending on this most Cloud services are defined.

Public and Private Clouds

As the names suggest, a Public cloud is one where you share the network of servers with other website owners. On the other hand, a Private cloud is one where the network of servers dedicatedly work for your website alone.

Choosing between the two should depend on your requirement and budget. While Public Cloud Hosting is cheaper, Private Cloud Hosting offers dedicated hardware, better security and control.

Introducing Cloud Server Hosting

Traditionally, a website used to be hosted on a single, physical server in a Shared or Dedicated architecture. The performance of the website would depend on the performance of this server and the geographical distance of the site visitor from it.

Cloud Server Hosting, distributes the entire website data on different servers in different locations which are connected virtually. When a visitor accesses the website, an algorithm selects the most optimum way of displaying the website leading to better performance of the same. Also, it doesn’t take a developer to realize that with no dependency on a single web server and data being spread across servers in different locations, Cloud hosting invariably decreases the load time of a website.

However, it needs to be understood that the speed and performance on Cloud Hosting will also greatly depend upon the quality of Data Centres, the quality of hardware and network infrastructure and the resources allocated to your website based on the Cloud Hosting package. Therefore, it is  essential to select the right Cloud Hosting Provider. One trusted name that provides Cloud Hosting Service is ResellerClub. And since we are on topic of Cloud Services helping website speed, it should also be mentioned  that their Cloud Hosting plans integrate Varnish Cache.

Varnish Cache helps increase the site speed by 1000% if configured properly. It is the kind of caching that is used by top global websites like Wikipedia, New York Times etc. So integrating Varnish Cache with Cloud Hosting can definitely lead to blazing fast page speeds for your website.

Having a Cloud Based Content Delivery Network  (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers which hold a copy of your website’s data. When a visitor tries accessing your site, the load is shared between these servers providing a faster site experience. Typically, servers in a CDN are programmed to serve the visitors which are geographically proximal to them. This in turn helps cut down the time lag between a load-request being sent by a visitor to the page being loaded thus improving site speed. Although CDN not necessarily be based on Cloud Servers, it is observed that setting up CDN using Cloud Servers increase the overall speed and effectiveness of the CDN. For instance, the Google Cloud CDN is known to lowers network latency, offloads origins, and reduces serving costs. It is recommended that if you are inclined towards utilizing CDN, it should be Cloud based.

Hope this helps you get an understanding of how Cloud Services like Cloud Server Hosting and CDN can help your website get faster. If you have questions or thoughts or other cloud services that can help improve speed, please feel free to make a mention in the comments section below!

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