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Website Tips for Your Small Business

Technology is a major driver for businesses of all sizes these days, which means if you want to be a success, you’ll likely want to have a strong web presence. Often, when people are searching for a new product or service to try, they’ll check to see if the business has a website so they can gain a better understanding of what they offer. Here are some tips to help your business create a strong website to engage customers and help boost business.

A Minimalistic Design

One of the first things a customer will notice when they’re on your site is the overall design. If your website looks cluttered or information is spaced too close together, it may make customers feel anxious and decrease the amount of time they’ll spend on your page. Don’t feel like you have to cram all your information onto one page. Instead spread your information out and take advantage of white space to let images and text breathe. Less information on your page also means there’s less the web browser needs to load and can boost overall website performance. Providing a clean, minimalistic look and feel can make people feel more welcome when they visit your page and increase browsing time.

Provide Quality Content

Aside from an engaging small business website design, you’ll want to create a page with information that people will actually want to read. The internet is a wealth of information, so to make yours stand out in a sea of content, you want to provide interesting, easy-to-understand, engaging content customers will want to read. If you don’t have a marketing or communications background, you can work with content writers to map out a content strategy to provide interesting information to help set you apart from other companies as an industry expert. The key to creating engaging content is to also keep it fresh so customers will want to come back. If you keep the same information on your page for too long, you risk them losing interest and not visiting your page as frequently. Whether you run a blog on your website or provide helpful tutorials on how to use your product or service, customers appreciate a business that takes the time to provide them with strong content.

Strong Imagery

Gone are the days when websites can get away with hosting sub-par or quirky images. Thanks to technological advances with smartphones, most people now carry a high-quality digital camera in their pocket at all times. That means access to beautiful images is more important than ever. Imagery is one of the first things people notice when they visit a new website, so invest in high-quality digital images for your website to draw their attention. If you have a smartphone, you may be able to take photos yourself. If you’re not confident in your photography skills, however, there are dozens of websites on the internet that provide stock photos free of charge that are suitable for web-hosting.

Ties to Social

With social media being such a dominating force on the internet, it’s almost impossible not to have a presence on at least one platform. Social media can be a great place for people to share testimonials and reviews of your product or service offering, which can help boost sales. Make it easy for customers to find your social media pages by linking them right from your website. If you host a blog or articles on your site, consider creating share buttons so they can easily post your content on their social media pages. The more shareable your site is, the more traffic you’ll likely see on your page, which as a result can increase business.

These tips are a great place to start in creating a strong web presence for your business. If you strive to make your website clean, easy to navigate, and shareable with strong content, you should have a quality site.

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