How to Target Your Audience with Artificial Intelligence

Technology is very present in people’s lives today. Forbes has found out that 87% of the millennials use 2-3 devices at least once each day, which makes artificial intelligence a strategy every marketer should master to achieve great results.  This is seemingly a challenge, but it is not so hard and once people learn it, it can be a colossal opportunity for success.


Defining AI and Its Effects on a Target Audience

AI has reached very high popularity in the marketing work recently. It reduced the manual workload and helped promote businesses, as well as improve audience targeting. It is useful, but if it’s not done right, it can bring some risks, too.

Let us examine the benefits and the limitations of AI in digital marketing.

Benefits of AI in the Digital Marketing Sphere

Improved and Fastened Decision Making


After the initial research phase is over, the AI will immediately be able to make instant & efficient decisions based on the data that has been collected through time. AI eliminates the errors that human marketers do!

Improved Accuracy

As you very well know, we are not perfect – none of us. The AI, on the other hand, if programmed well, will eliminate any chances of errors.

Multiple Tests, Enhanced Feedback & Optimization

The AI can move incredibly fast compared to a human being. It has the power to “think” and “act” in a matter of seconds, all while harvesting and organizing valuable data. In fact, the moment you develop a professional AI algorithm the moment your marketing will gradually improve.

Flaws/Limitations of AI in the Digital Marketing Sphere

It Can’t Replace Human Beings (Not Yet)

Compared to how it looked like 10 years ago, the AI technology is super advanced. Nevertheless, no matter the degree of sophistication and intelligence that an AI has, it has to be “ruled” and directed by a professional human marketer. After all, the marketplace (including your niche audience) is changing every single day. Therefore, for AI to be effective, a human being must develop a well-thought strategy!

Counting Too Much on AI

The AI technology is perfect if you know how to leverage it well. Many marketers slip, and they consider AI as the “only thing” needed to succeed. The AI technology doesn’t work like that – it is a complementary tool that aids the generosity of the person who manages it!

Mark Greyson is a specialized digital marketer at AssignmentMasters. Together with his team, he has started to implement AI technology to improve his conversion rates. According to his suggestions, a professional AI-trained digital specialist will gain new powers, and he will be able to:

  • Send the right messages, at the right time, to the right customer
  • Ability to predict the most relevant/valuable new product, service, offer, or content.
  • Leverage the AI predictions to develop and segment specific audiences based on specific criteria
  • The implementation of a “smart scoring” system, which allows the marketer to predict the likelihood of a conversion.
  • The marketer (using AI technology) is able to automatically adapt and “correct” the customer’s journey

Ways to Target an Audience Using AI Technology

AI Robot

There are many ways to target the audience with AI. However, before you get started, you must ensure that you’re getting three things right:

Find the Right Moment

Find the best time to market and engage to boost retention and customer experience.

Find the Right Person

Identify the audience before you leverage AI in that direction. You can then use videos, infographics, content and even strategies such as blog posting, ads, and influencers to reach them.

Find the Right Channel

Use the information you have about the timing and audience to market the business on the right channel. AI gives you plenty of channels and opportunities, so you must make targeting on different channels a priority. Promoting your business on only one is simply no longer enough.

Use Online Videos to Connect with Users

The interest in videos has increased a lot in the past decade. In fact, every year, YouTube gets a 60% increase in watch time. Find a way to tap into the communities who enjoy watching videos online by developing a unique strategy and approach.

Depending on your business niche and target audience, you should identify the topics that your audience watches the most. Once you have this information established, you can start “playing around” with the AI options such as retargeting, data collection, and optimization.

Connect them with the Right Solution

Users don’t have a specific idea of what they want or need, so be there when they start searching. For example, send out traveling arrangements and destinations to potential travelers via e-mail. Connecting with the right audience by using AI can help them find what they need and help you find them.

Since the major search engines like Google appeared in our lives, the constant connectivity seems to have produced several effects. The technology improvements are currently shaping the public’s behavior and expectations.

Whenever we need something, we turn to our smart devices and we start searching. During these moments, the AI technology comes in extremely handy. Here’s a recent study performed by Google and its results:

Ad performance Google result


As you can notice, people are constantly looking. The difference is between “must and want”. Of course, the leading metric is defined by the “wants”.

The new AI technology improvements will help every eager marketer to find & connect his customers with the proper content/products/services (which all come as a solution). This is not an easy process. To succeed, you must understand the way your audience thinks, behaves, and acts. You must understand its problems, needs, wants, dreams, hopes, desires – everything.

So – as I started this post, you can’t expect AI to do the job for you. You, the marketer, are the one who is responsible for this initiation.

Provide All the Relevant Information

Many individuals use their devices even when they’re currently in stores. The purpose is to find relevant information about a product. People are more likely to buy something if there’s relevant information available for them to consume.

So, imagine this example – the average customer goes to the store, randomly, and sees 2 big offers for TVs. He needs a new TV, he has the necessary funds, but he’s not sure whether that TV will suit him well.

The average customer will take his smartphone, open Google, Yahoo, Bing, or whatever search engine he’s using, and he’s going to type in the keywords, plus perhaps a “review” at the end of the phrase.

This is not always going to happen, yet as you can tell, most people today will need to find out more about a specific product/offer before purchasing.

In this situation, you can leverage the AI technology in the following ways:

  • Analyze, measure, and note down the performance of one/more targeted keywords
  • Super-personalization, in the sense that everyone who clicks, will be taken through specific, personalized steps that’ll make the sales journey more convenient and fun.
  • Relevancy in content – use the AI to send the right content to the right people


Using the data you have gathered about your target audience through traditional human intelligence methods is no longer sufficient to succeed. This world is highly driven by technology, so marketers that are smart enough to improve their odds should definitely take into consideration the tips & tricks presented in this post.

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Written by Patricia Wilson

If you are looking for a good freelance worker and contributor, Patricia Wilson is well known for her career in those regions. Not only that, she has a past as a social media marketer, which is water to the plant of her success.

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