4 Ways to Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns

Maybe your last marketing campaign went really well. Maybe it did not go well at all. Maybe it was somewhere in the neighborhood of not that great but not terrible either. Whatever the outcome, you need a way to take those campaigns from blah to brilliant, and even supercharge the results a bit.

Well, it will not happen without some effort on your part, but simple effort is not enough. You have to have informed effort. If you do the right thing, the results will follow. But how to you get your marketing campaigns to do what you want them to do? Here are four ways to you can supercharge your marketing campaigns.


This is the magic word, the one you hear all the time, but it really is no mystery. A targeted campaign that speaks to a specific audience rather than a general one is likely to get much better results. Typically, you are better off to run five specifically targeted campaigns over one general one.

So how do you better target your audience? Here are some things to think about.

  • Determine what they do online. Where do your customers hang out more? Are they more business oriented and on LinkedIn or a little more social and on Facebook or Twitter?
  • What kind of content do they prefer? Video? Text? Long or short form content? Give your audience more of what they want.
  • What positions do they hold in their company? What is their occupation? These are things you can target in almost any campaign.
  • Where do they live? Do they shop online or in person? What are their buying habits?
  • Are you selling a need, or are you selling a luxury to make life easier?

The answer to these questions and more help you determine if you are aiming for the right targets and reaching them. The more precise and accurate your targeting, the more likely your customers are to buy from you. This also builds trust and gives them a sense that you understand them and their needs.

You have more than one target customer and more than one ideal buyer. Target them all separately for better results. Use sponsored content for one demographic, and paid ads for another when you understand which they respond to better. Don’t know which one to use? There are many Sponsored Content examples and advertising case studies for you to learn from. Look for and find them, and use the example of others to create your own success.

Set Goals

Another catch-all phrase, but one that matters. Set data-driven goals, or goals you can actually measure. Vague ideas like “improve sales” or “raise conversion rates” really don’t mean all that much. Associate specific numbers with these goals and have metrics in place to measure them.

This means having analytics in place for various different metrics and having a basic understanding of the sales funnel. There are plenty of applications that will help you track visitor activity on your website, and that way you can see their buyers journey. Do they enter at the curiosity stage and then leave? Do they perform the action in your call to action (CTA)? How many and what percentage?

The way to break it down is this: estimate the percentage of conversions you expect at every level of the sales funnel. For instance, if your site does well, 10% of web visitors will act on your call to action if you offer them something for free. This means of 2,0000 web visitors, 200 will accept your free offer. Of those, 20% (if you are lucky) will return to demo your software or look for more information. That means you get 40 prospective buyers who have sought more information. If you can convert 25% of those, you now have gained 10 new customers.

This is a lofty goal. Conversion rates are usually closer to 3-7% rather than 10, and usually 10% or so will return for free demos or information. However, if you set these higher goals, you can work toward them and get measurable results. You can improve future campaigns to improve and moved toward higher conversion rates and an increased customer base. Without goals, you are simply guessing at your returns rather than actually seeking them.

Combine Long Tail Phrases with Keywords

Ranking for keywords is great, but a better way to target customers is to rank for long tail phrases instead. This will help you achieve better rankings in voice first and mobile search. These are places where users often use Google or Siri to speak their queries. They are more likely to ask a question in a full sentence form than to search for a single term.

For instance, if you are running an Italian restaurant in San Diego, you might want to rank for the keywords Italian restaurant, Italian restaurant in San Diego, Italian food, Italian dinners, and even Italian take out, if you offer that option.

However, you might be better served if you also rank for long tail queries. Examples would be:

  • Best Italian food in San Diego
  • Italian restaurant in Gaslamp Quarter
  • Five-star Italian restaurant in San Diego
  • Italian take out Gaslamp Quarter

There are probably many more, and ones you can think of specific to your niche. Use these longer tail phrases to draw more traffic, and the type of visitors that are likely to convert to customers.

Determine Where Traffic is Coming From

One very important factor is to determine where traffic is coming from. You can supercharge your marketing efforts by concentrating on where traffic is coming from now, like your Facebook ads, or perhaps from your Twitter account.

At the same time, it will also reveal where you need more work. If you have nothing coming from your YouTube account, you might want to redouble your efforts there. Learn how to make a how-to video, and add that link to your social media, sponsored posts and content plan. Then users will not only view that video, but you will gain traffic where you previously did not have any.

If most of your traffic is coming from social media or is direct traffic, you might want to look at what you are ranking for. You should be getting some organic traffic from Google search as well, and sometimes a solid link building campaign can increase these rankings and get you more search engine traffic, making your marketing campaigns even more effective.

Want to go beyond the blasé and reach the brilliant level with your marketing campaigns? It is easy to supercharge them, but is will require some work on your part, and success is never a given. Follow these steps, learn from failure, and make your marketing a cut above the rest, or entrust all the work to the professionals of GK & Partners.

What are some effective methods that you have found for boosting your social media and digital marketing campaigns in the past? Leave a comment with your best tips in the section below.

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