Effective Marketing Strategies: SEO Tips for Tech Companies

For a tech entrepreneur, it is a huge challenge registering an online presence when tech-savvy players are dominating cyberspace. But a solution is in plain sight. Search engine optimization (SEO) virtually unlocks the gateway to business growth. Digital surveys say that 81% of B2B product purchasing and services demand is generated by simple web searches. Over 57 percent of B2B marketers agree that SEO has a huge impact on lead generation, helping companies identify, attract, and retain potential customers. Digital marketing experts at MiroMind present some of the best SEO solutions tailored for tech companies. These tips will help tech companies grow their business and generate leads.  

Focus on keywords searched by the target audience


Google algorithms judge the intent of the searcher by analyzing keywords and offer search results that satisfy the intent. According to surveys, 70 percent of the traffic heading for businesses is fueled by organic keyword searches. So you need to focus on the keywords used by the target audience. There are three ways of optimizing keyword use:


  • Find the organic (and paid) technology keywords your competition is targeting, which you may be ignoring.


  • Zero in on keywords that enjoy the highest search volumes, especially keywords that are seasonally popular.


  • Focus on keywords, especially long tail keywords, that best describe your technology product or service.


Once you identify the keywords or phrases, the searcher should be routed to a pillar page that covers the subject in detail. Associated product information should branch out from the pillar page to cluster content that could be presented as product reviews, blogs or FAQs, among others. Use a call-to-action at every stage to trigger and retain customer interest.

Create cornerstone content that engages customers meaningfully


If you want a keyword searcher to find your page and convert, cornerstone content is indispensable. This is like a roadmap for users to fulfill their intent in a satisfying way. These are pages presenting a variety of options to engage the searcher. For example, you could provide links to an eBook that comprehensively discusses the topic, a PDF that explains vital issues threadbare, a series of podcasts that review the topic, or a blog that expands the users’ worldview.

The pillar page/cluster content approach helps you explain the technology behind your product or service, analyze trends, and present business statistics. You could bring in experts to discuss the product or talk about the latest trends defining the industry. Reinvent the pages regularly and do not allow information to become dated or irrelevant.

Boost SEO through social media and third-party publishing


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pages are increasingly featuring in Google search engine results. This is giving social media greater leverage in influencing Google page ranking. Tech companies should see the trend as an opportunity to grow their influence by expanding into social media. As more articles, blogs, discussions, and product reviews get shared on Twitter and other media, SEO gets strengthened. Tech companies can source fresh leads, retain existing clients, and grow business.

Publishing audio-visual feeds in third-party sites exposes a tech company’s products and services to a wider audience of potential customers. A great way of strengthening a website’s credibility is to offer a platform for voicing third-party expertise relevant to the industry. Do not hesitate to host third-party content that boosts Tech company branding. Sooner than later, the favor will be returned.

Strengthen SEO by fortifying the website’s technical foundations


One of the biggest drawbacks of tech companies is that once the website is online and green-flagged, very little attention is paid to it, and the follow through slackens. This is what you do:


  • Perform an SEO audit and identify the bottlenecks that are preventing the site from realizing its potential.


  • Analyze how fast your site loads and initiate remedial action to improve speeds. The user experience is a key Google ranking tool.


  • As 57 percent of net traffic is routed through mobiles, ensure your site reformats itself and optimizes images in a mobile-friendly way.


  • Make SEO an integral part of web designing process; avoid adding SEO as an afterthought.


The Bottom-line


A tech website that is well configured with SEO in mind will improve its ranking. Top rankings can be sustained only if there is a conscious effort to carry forward the momentum on SEO strategies. You cannot abandon SEO as a one-off campaign. You must ensure continuous improvement while responding rapidly to change. Last but not the least, go easy on the promotional swagger, and make your content educational and informative. Explain who you are, what makes you unique, and be crystal clear about what you are offering.

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