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Learn to Make Money Using Good Old YouTube

God bless good old YouTube!

Always ready to pass idle minutes with funny cat videos. And what an excellent idea to put cat clips together for the whole world to watch. Inspired! So many people wonder if is possible to make money from YouTube. It certainly is a possibility and you can find many resources to learn how – you can always get to know how to make Money with YouTube @ Digital Domination Dojo. Nevertheless, you will still have to get familiar with methods that really work.

Try YouTube Partnership Program

In other words, use AdSense to monetize your channel. This is all about showing contextual ads as someone watches your video. Although you only make money when someone clicks the advertisement once you get this method working well you can earn a reasonable amount. All you need to concentrate on increasing your views of your video.

To qualify for the YouTube partnership program you have to upload enough videos to get more than 4,000 watch hours during the last year. You will also need at least 1,000 subscribers to start making money. There may also be restrictions on the content you post, so you need to ensure you stick to the policies of the YouTube Partner Program.

Selling Specific Products through Videos

Many people use YouTube videos to increase brand awareness and attract customers for their products, which could be anything from coffee mugs and t-shirts to snapbacks and tote bags. The idea is to start an ecommerce site first, for which you can always go for a resource like Shopify. Then create quality videos and encourage YouTube viewers to go to your product landing pages to increase your sales and make money in return.

Sending Traffic to Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing has always been a popular way of earning money online, and you can rely on just that using YouTube. A good idea is to opt for Amazon’s affiliate link. You sign up for Amazon affiliate marketing, get a link and promote it through videos on YouTube. If people end up making a purchase after using the link you share, you will receive a commission from Amazon.

Using YouTube Super Chat

If you have a YouTube channel that you want to monetize, consider learning more about the YouTube Super Chat feature. For this, you need a live feed and get paid from someone who wants their comment to look prominent and even get pinned for a while. To get paid this way, you need to have a channel that is already monetized – it should also come with at least 1,000 subscribers. Sadly, the Super Chat feature is not available in all countries.

Try Channel Membership

If you have been running a YouTube channel successfully and there are thousands of subscribers who are so hooked to your content they don’t mind coughing up some money, you can try “Channel Membership” option. You can offer monthly subscriptions in return for quality premium content. It will earn good money but you need to establish your channel first to be able to use this option.

Of course, the internet was invented for sharing cat videos, but now it’s for everything else. Whether you are providing a video viewing experience to showcase a product, spotlight a service or just because it’s cute or funny, there are real ways you make your YouTube channel earn cash.



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