5 Proven Ways to Jumpstart Your Online Presence

After working with BCT Consulting, a Fresno Web Design company, the broke down the web design experience for us as “the beginning of the digital marketing journey”. Having an online presence is simply the totality of the identities you or your business have created online and the online interactions that those online identities have been a part of. It’s mostly your website, the results that come up when you or your business are Googled, and your social media account. 

When you optimize your online presence it becomes a force multiplier for your business’s actions, allowing you to reach a wider market and grow faster than you otherwise could have. 

To be sure, it takes time to grow your online presence. However, it is absolutely necessary for your business in the long run. It is what gets people to know you, like you and, eventually, to trust you. 

It can be a little challenging to build a good online presence if you don’t have a system for approaching the problem and streamlining all of its aspects. However, there are a few proven tactics you can employ to help you get there faster. Here are the most important ones. 


Your Site Should be Mobile-Friendly


 There are now more searches done on the web from a mobile device than from a desktop. It’s no longer just about having a visually appealing website; it’s also about making sure that your users can access that site from whichever device they are using. 

Google Search has also increased the importance of mobile-friendliness as a search ranking signal, making it crucial for your SEO. 


Have a Blog for your Company


Having a blog on your website allows you to write helpful and entertaining information that your visitors can interact with. Updating it regularly helps to keep your website fresh and traffic flowing in. Content is king and that applies to the realm of business websites just as much as it applies to other types of websites. 

With a blog, you will be able to convey a lot more information and reach a much wider audience than you would have been able to if you had used more traditional sales avenues. You also get to humanize your brand with a blog by keeping things conversational and entertaining. Blogs can also improve your SEO. 


Work on your SEO


An online marketing strategy without consideration for SEO is bound to fail. SEO is all about improving the chances of your website getting found by search engine crawlers and getting ranked on search engine results pages. With better ranking on these pages, you increase quality traffic to your website and that turns into higher potential sales. 


Don’t forget about Online Advertising


Online advertising allows you to take advantage of platforms like Google Adwords and get a lot more eyeballs seeing your links. This will generate more leads and drive more traffic to your site. Online advertising also allows you to maximize on traffic, even as you implement your SEO strategy, which is likely to take a few months before producing any meaningful results. 


Be active on Social Media


Social media can be pretty effective in improving your online presence. It allows you to interact with your customers and potential customers on a regular basis and keep them updated about the goings-on of your business. It also allows you to take real-time feedback and comments from your customers and fans and respond to them in real-time, making them feel closer to and more satisfied with your brand. 




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