Attention Online Printers: 5 Print Products You Must Target & Market this Holiday Season

The most awaited period of the year is here, the season of exchanging gifts and cheer. Are you ready to end the gifting troubles of your customers near and dear? If not, here’s what you can do.

Although the holiday season has months to begin, the preparation for it has already started. For Western and Western-influenced countries, from late December to early January is the season of holidays which actually is the season of shopping for customers and a peak period for the retail sector.

The holidays are incomplete without the exchange of gifts. Now with the freedom of personalization and digital printing, people prefer more and more personalized printed products when it comes to gifting as they not only make the gift more heart-warming but are also durable, cost-effective, and have more comprehensive options to go creative. So, let’s take a look at what print products online printers must target this holiday season.

 1. Printed T-shirt

The t-shirt was, is, and will be trending forever. The craze for t-shirts has no end. It is an excellent choice for gifting, and with the ease of personalization in it, the t-shirt becomes the most preferred gifting today. By merely using t-shirt design software, you can attract customers to your site and allow them to design their t-shirt as they like.

You can either provide them a library of clipart and fonts as well as pre-designed holiday exclusive templates or allow them to personalize using visual design editor. It’s easy-to-use interface makes it very handy for even a novice can operate to create great looking t-shirt design within minutes. Moreover, the final artwork file generated with an order for printing is a high-resolution vector file with 300 DPI and confirms all printing techniques like DTG, Sublimation, and Screen Printing, etc. It is mobile-friendly, supports multiple currencies, multi-store and numerous languages allow easy upload from desktop, Instagram, Picasa, and Flickr, and social media sharing, 360 degrees 3D preview, multiple payment options, one-page checkout, and much more that makes t-shirt designing and printing an enjoyable task.

 2. Greeting Card Maker

What’s a holiday with wishing each other season’s greetings, isn’t it? No matter how much digitalized we have become, nothing can replace the joy of receiving a greeting card from our loved ones, especially during such festive occasions. Today, with personalized greeting cards, the tradition has become more charming. Greeting card maker software is easy to implement and with it, you can offer ready to buy as well as personalized cards and invitations with seamless user experience for your end-users.

 3. Banner Design

With the onset of holidays, there are banners of sales, discounts, offers, etc., everywhere. Each one has to offer or advertise something, for which a banner turns out to be an excellent choice. With a robust web-to-print solution called banner design software, you can make the entire process of banner printing, from setting up banner products with all properties like sizes, material, finish grommets, etc., creating editable templates, configuring the unit up to bulk pricing and processing the orders, a piece of cake for users.

4. Photo Album

Where there are gatherings, celebrations, and family time, there are photographs. We all love to capture memories, but today, we hardly get them printed. Still, a collection of printed pictures makes a lovely holiday gift.

A photo album is yet another printed product that is at its peak always and not just holidays. So, by setting up a complete web-to-print online photo album maker, you, as the store owner, can offer personalized photo albums along with other photo products and services to your customers. It’s a fully-integrated solution with Magento e-Commerce platform that allows running of your own photo products business, smoothly and effectively.

5. Printerior Products

Holidays mean home makeover. Everyone likes to deck up their homes in a unique way. Adding a touch of the holiday season, people give a twist to their interiors every year, among which, Printerior is trending today. Printeriors or printed interiors involve leveraging the advancements in digital textile printing to offer on-demand wallpapers, wall murals, photo collages, bespoke upholstery, carpets, table covers, drapes, and so on.

In short, customized interior products along with web-to-print storefront software is a combination one must not miss.

 Bottom line

To start with, there is a wide range of products on which digital printing has bought about a beautiful twist that one cannot resist. For example, there’s mobile covers, signages, invitations, labels, stickers, shoes, photo frames and so much more that can be customized as one desire by designing, editing, and printing the design one likes with the help of specific software developed for each.

Hence, looking at the holiday craze, you as a store owner can get the software implemented on your storefront easily and end the holiday gifting worry of your customers, nice and quick. So, hurry to pick up the software and reach out to Design’N’Buy for the rest of the job.


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