The Importance of an Online Presence for Small Businesses in 3 Concepts

In decades past, starting and successfully running an independent business was a bit simpler. There were fewer options for advertising than there are today, so entrepreneurs did what they could with what they had. Ads in the newspapers and air time on television or the radio were go-to ways of getting a name out there.


This streamlined approach worked then, but times have changed. Businesses have to promote in an entirely new playing field because of one major reason: the internet.


When businesses are starting to build their brand, it is paramount that they have an online presence. On top of that, the online persona must be on point with consistent updates, creative design, and intelligent marketing perspectives.


Think about it. When you need something, the first thing you do it tap the item or service into a search engine and see what pops up. The first page of results are the brands you remember and think of. An ad in the Sunday paper won’t get you too far these days. You need to be on that first page of the Google results list and you need folks to remember you. But how?


Through an intuitive and consistently churning web design and marketing approach. Here are some modern online marketing things to know to get you started.


1) Brand Identity


One of the essential components for any small business to succeed is a solid and well-communicated brand identity. There are many important aspects of developing a strong brand identity. As a company you have to present a concise and powerful mission statement that you can use to inspire and guide decisions within the company. This is also used to tell your customers and clients the story of your brand. If they feel like they know who you are and they respect it, they will come back to you.


Developing an interesting logo, color scheme, and layout of a website is a big aspect of this. You want the visual aspects of your website to resonate with the heart of the company. This is how to communicate who you are to your audience online. A website shares who you are.



2) Search Engine Optimization


Once you have a well-functioning and sleekly crafted design on your site, you need folks to actually see it. This is where search engine optimization comes into play. Search engine optimization, often referred to as SEO, is the best way to get your brand name on those top Google results and for folks to discover how great your company is.


There are many different tactics involved in boosting SEO, but basically it is the practice of researching and thoroughly understanding the market you are trying to attract. Then you lace your website’s content with keywords that they’re likely to search for.


Through careful calculation of keyword searches and trends, you can generate high quality traffic to your website that will get your company name and image up front and center.


3) Social Media


Last but certainly not least is social media. It is incredibly important, especially if you are targeting a younger demographic, to establish and regularly keep up with a presence on social media networks. This is where many people under 40 get their daily news and research potential brands and products. When you are intentional and smart about the way you interact with customers on social media, these platforms can be a huge benefit to you.


If these three factors are overwhelming to tackle by yourself, there are many companies that offer digital marketing, SEO services, and social media management all in one. They can help you understand your brand and how to market it best.


You can easily partner with a one-stop-shop company that will design and manage your entire online presence. At the end of the day, your company will be better for it.

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