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The role of ancestors in history

For a reason, many modern people, especially scientists and researchers, are attracted to rocks and caves. Dark cavities in limestone rocks contain a lot of all kinds of riddles and puzzles. When you go through the platform between light and darkness, you find yourself in the underworld – a location of eternal darkness, earthy smells, silent silence. It’s a completely different and extraordinary world.  However, this is not all that makes the caves so mysterious.

A long time ago, many ancient people also were in these mysterious underground worlds. Nowadays we have a lot of various ideas and assumptions why our distant ancestors left various kinds of inscriptions and drawings on the rocks. Perhaps they wanted to pass on the experience to the next generations, or they did not let go of the desire to witness their passage through these caves.

Ancient people left mysterious drawings, images of groups of people, different shapes like triangles or zigzags. Some outlined the palm next to the image. There is an assumption these images are undoubtedly signatures of early creative individuals and creators.

It’s kind of one of the most ancient arts in the world. Painted and painted caves and stones were created by early creators in Europe in the period from 10 thousand to 40 thousand years ago. By the way, this information is interesting to study and not even just because it’s fascinatingly, although many examples are really picturesque and magnificent. However, the fact that interests many curious people is the development of the modern consciousness, the evolution of creative activity, imagination, current abstract thinking and what it means to be a human being in the modern world.

For example, a certain number of discoveries are used by many from day to day now. Undoubtedly, we should pay tribute to our distant ancestors for this chance. The most striking example of an unexpected and outstanding result of the vital activity of our ancestors is the Greek alphabet. Indeed, the letters of the Greek alphabet are now regularly used in many sciences and spheres of life. In particular, these are even the sciences that we study from school. For example, there are mathematics, physics, since recently, many schools have been teaching such a subject as astronomy. The Greek alphabet has long been used as a non-positional number system. In such a system, letters were used as a symbol for the account, not numbers. Thus, Greek letters are used mainly in natural sciences, engineering and other fields related to mathematics and calculus.

The Greek alphabet is a truly worthwhile and useful invention of ancient people. By the way, the letters of the Greek alphabet were also used to further create the Latin alphabet, which in turn serves as the foundation for many of the current languages of the world.

Various symbols are actually essential in world history. After all, symbols have long been the most international and timeless language. We see them every day and know roughly what each of them means. However, it should be borne in mind that symbols in the course of their thousand-year history could repeatedly change their meaning, sometimes even completely to the opposite.

Symbolism is of great importance in the history of art and develops over time along with culture. This whole system has a tremendous impact on the worldview and perception of any person as a whole. Of course, these spiritual factors have changed from generation to generation. The semantic structure of the symbol is multi-layered and designed for the active inner work of the perceiver. In other words, the meaning depends on the eyes of the beholder. So, the ancient Greek symbol beta means house in translation. This is the dominant letter and symbol with which all the significant words for humanity began.


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