How To Avoid The Instagram Mistakes – You May Be Doing Unintentionally?

As of September 2017, there are 800 million users of Instagram. Out of this, 1% of users are business users. The point is that while 1% may seem a little too less, that means 8 million businesses which aren’t a small number. The numbers are certainly impressive, but that means you have to do some hard work to find a place for you, especially because most of the brands are the popular ones giving solid competition in the market.

Your Instagram account requires a lot of attention, and you need to take advantage of techniques to help get new followers and likes. Many people consider using services that sell likes and follower. It may not seem to be a good idea, but the truth is that it can set the tone for you and help you gain the popularity you need. The only thing is that you should be working with the most experienced and reputable service provider. The good idea is to get 10 Instagram likes trial and see how it turns out, and then proceed with placing your order.


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The Other Side of the Story

Yes, the competition is stiff, but there are opportunities too. With a huge pool of users, you are sure to get success when you try. The only point is you should be smart enough to try the right things at the right time so that things are in your favor. But, are you thinking that even after posting some cool content or trying multiple hashtags and other popular strategies, you haven’t been able to get the popularity or following that you want?

Well, you may be going wrong somewhere without even knowing what it is. Those mistakes may seem simple, but the truth is that they can hurt you and your brand in a big way. One such mistake that can directly affect your brand is to use your hashtags in a wrong way. Hashtags are important and failing to use them correctly can be devastating to your business.

Exhausting all Possible Hashtags

Earlier, Instagram allowed you to add as many hashtags as you desired in a single post. As if that was not enough, you could also come back and add new hashtags in the comments section of the same posts as and when you liked. People were going crazy about using hashtags. But now, Instagram has limited the maximum number of hashtags to 30. That doesn’t mean you should use all the 30 just because you have to. Too many hashtags make the post look cumbersome, and the purpose of the post is lost. For this reason, Instagram now focuses on good content over hashtags, and content that solves the business purpose wins.

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Hashtags should be used intelligently, as using all of them will not make your post appear on the Explore page or get you more followers. If you use irrelevant hashtags, your post may appear even where it is not required, and users may not be interested to see it.  Quick tips –

Instagram has a smart way of knowing spammers and bots. If you use the same hashtags repeatedly, you may come in Instagram’s spam list and eventually be shadow banned.

If you use hashtags that are too broad, it’s as good as not using any hashtags at all. Your post may just be gone with the flow.

Most importantly, if your hashtag is not relevant to the picture you have posted, again no one will want to see or engage with your photo.


Don’t use all the popular hashtags that are available, just for the sake of it. Use them intelligently. That means, use only relevant hashtags. Don’t use the same hashtag again and again. Use few hashtags which make sense. For example, you can use 4-5 per post. Instead of broad hashtags, use long-tail hashtags. Last but not the least, make sure the hashtags you are using complement the picture that you have posted.

The fact of the matter is that the right use of hashtags can go a long way in making your Instagram page popular. So, take your time and use it properly.


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