5 Best Graphic Design Books to Teach Yourself About Design

There are numerous great graphic design books on the market, providing words of knowledge, design motivation, and refreshers on essential concepts and methods. Whether you’re planning to swot up on design theory or charge your innovative batteries, we have actually curated the very best titles here, in this necessary reading list.

You’ll discover lots of timeless titles in this list from the terrific names of graphic design, however there are likewise lots of books you might be less acquainted with. Whether you want to understand more about logo designs, go even more with type, or learn more about more about your preferred graphic designers, this list of excellent books for graphic designers has something for you.

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Graphic Design: The New Basics

by Ellen Lupton (Author), Jennifer Cole Phillips (Author)

In Graphic Design: The New Basics, bestselling author Ellen Lupton (Thinking with TypeType on Screen) and design educator Jennifer Cole Phillips explain the key concepts of visual language that inform any work of design, from logo or letterhead to a complex website. Through visual demonstrations and concise commentary, students and professionals explore the formal elements of twodimensional design, such as point, line, plane, scale, hierarchy, layers, and transparency.

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Thinking with Type

by Ellen Lupton  (Author)

Thinking with Type is the definitive guide to using typography in visual communication, from the printed page to the computer screen. This revised edition includes forty-eight pages of new content, including the latest information on style sheets for print and the web, the use of ornaments and captions, lining and non-lining numerals, the use of small caps and enlarged capitals, as well as information on captions, font licensing, mixing typefaces, and hand lettering. Throughout the book, visual examples show how to be inventive within systems of typographic form—what the rules are and how to break them. Thinking with Type is a type book for everyone: designers, writers, editors, students, and anyone else who works with words. The popular online companion to Thinking with Type ( has been revised to reflect the new material in the second edition.

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Design Elements, Color Fundamentals: A Graphic Style Manual for Understanding How Color Affects Design

by Aaris Sherin  (Author)

Color is an integral part of any design solution. Design Elements, Color Fundamentals is an essential resource for designers who want to create memorable design and successfully communicate with their audience. It is the second book in Rockport’s Design Elements series, which focuses on the core elements of design.

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The Elements of Typographic Style 3rd Edition

by Robert Bringhurst  (Author)

Renowned typographer and poet Robert Bringhurst brings clarity to the art of typography with this masterful style guide. Combining practical, theoretical, and historical, this book is a must for graphic artists, editors, or anyone working with the printed page using digital or traditional methods.

Having established itself as a standard in its field The Elements of Typographic Style is house manual at most American university presses, a standard university text, and a reference work in studios of designers around the world. It has been translated into italian and greek, and dutch.

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Design Elements, Form & Space: A Graphic Style Manual for Understanding Structure and Design

by Dennis Puhalla  (Author)

Design principles never change. They serve as the foundation of the designer’s thought process and are the essential tools that define a visual language. With hundreds of fundamental principles for creating successful design compositions, Design Elements: Form & Space establishes a basis for visual organization strategies and serves as a comprehensive manual for graphic designers. Understanding how elements interact in a layout is a critical step in stimulating visual thinking and compositional decision-making, and this book illustrates these principles in numerous diagrams, drawings, and practical examples of application. You’ll also learn how conventional color harmonies effect form and space and how to apply elements to images and type to create balanced layouts. Gain a deeper aesthetic understanding of form in the context of ordering space with Design Elements: Form & Space.


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