A full Review of Kinsta the WP Hosting Platform

When you have a website, there are literally thousands of options of where to host it. I was really impressed when I saw Kinsta because they offer a new type of WordPress hosting that leverages the power of the Google Cloud Platform. In this blog post, we review if Kinsta is a good fit for your website and some of the unique features of this platform.

Kinsta is what is called a fully managed solution. This means that you get top-notch security and expert advice from WordPress experts. You might be surprised to find out that WordPress can be better optimized by using hosting plans tailored to the cms. For companies where speed, security, and service are important, it is great to have a hosting company that focuses exclusively on WordPress.

Top Notch Support
I was impressed when I found out that their entire support team is made up of WordPress Developers. If you have ever tried to talk to your hosting company about a complex question, you likely have become very frustrated. This investment in high-skilled customer service members he’s a real differentiator.

Built With Google
Another unique aspect of the service is Google’s Cloud platform powers it. This means that your data is being served from 11 global data centers. And over the next few years, Google will continue to aggressively expand the number of data centers they have around the world. This means that your website will be served from the closest server.

They Grow With You
If your company is ever expecting an enormous surge in traffic, having a fully managed hosting solution will be critical. I have personally worked with multiple organizations that have been featured on national TV. This can be great exposure, but if you don’t plan ahead, it can be a disaster as users will find your website has crashed from all of the traffic.

Kinsta Has some great case studies of working with companies that were featured on the hit show Shark Tank. It has been estimated that an appearance on the show is worth four to five million dollars in just marketing exposure alone. If you are going to get 600,000 visitors to your website at the same time, you better be ready for it. That is when having an amazing hosting company comes in really handy.

Best in Class Features
They also offer a set of top of the line features. They will help you migrate your website from another hosting company for free and create one click staging environments while you develop new areas of your website. Maybe most importantly they also provide robust security services. This prevents attackers from Gaining access to your data and keeps your customers safe. They have a policy where they will fix your website for free if it becomes compromised while you are on their plan.

All of their plans offer unlimited page views and visitors; the cheapest plan starts at $100 a month, so it is best for companies which are established on the web or looking to make a splash. You can learn more about their services on their website here.

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