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5 Adorable Games Made Only With HTML5

HTML5 is no longer a novelty, but it is one of the best web technologies at the moment. It is light, easy to maneuver, and lots of fun to play with, so it’s no wonder that developers enjoy using it for a wide array of apps and software.


Furthermore, HTML5 is successfully replacing Flash technology in browser-based games, making sure the niche survives once the support for Flash is terminated. In fact, modern browsers tend to block Flash technologies by default, so if you’ve been playing browser games in Chrome or Mozilla, you are probably using an HTML5 platform without even knowing it.


The good news is that, due to HTML5, browser games became more and more interesting. We now have First Person Shooters (such as Shellshockersio), MMORPGs, and even full-blown adventure games!


To prove that these are worthy of your attention, we made a top 5 of the most popular HTML5 games. So, if you’re looking for something new and exciting, make sure to check it out.

#1:  HexGL

Who doesn’t love a good racing game?


HexGL is set in a futuristic world, where players get to race spaceships using a racetrack that  can only be compared with the ones designed for the Tron movies.


The rhythm is fast-paced and, as you advance, it will increase your adrenaline levels and focus. Furthermore, the background is impressively well-designed, and the game doesn’t affect your PC’s performance in any way. Also, since it uses modern technologies such as HTML5, Javascript, and WebGL, you can play it on your phone or tablet.

#2: Sketchout

This is a reenactment of a beloved arcade genre (remember Space Invaders), where players must protect the Earth by deflecting attacks from unwanted alien races.


In Sketchout, your job is to deflect meteors while drawing defensive lines using a Breakout-style paddle. It may not be as exciting as a race, but the incredible visuals and audio make this game one of the best!


#3: Bejeweled

Yes, a classic! Bejeweled is one of the most popular puzzle arcade games that can be found on almost all platforms. Now, whether you play it on your phone, as an app, or in your browser, the game has the same charm and attraction. Just be careful, once you start it’s quite difficult to quit.


If you like puzzles and adventure, you should also take a look at Fireboy and Watergirl games (see here).

#4: Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Watching is a game about survival and human interaction in a hostile environment. The game has players take care of a group of people, pets, and robots in an isolated environment for 40 days. It is your job to keep them happy, fed, and sane until help arrives.

While the graphics are not much to talk about, the game is easy to navigate and doesn’t load your browser or phone.

#5: Swoop

If you like flying Swoop is the perfect little game for you! The graphics are extremely cute and the entire scene is designed in a 3D format that lets you move up, down, left, and right as needed.


While it’s not extremely challenging, the game is a powerful demonstration when it comes to the possibilities of HTML5!

Wrap Up

HTML5 completely revolutionized the world of web design, but its impact goes beyond the standard web page. The technology lets you create amazing web apps and plugins that improve the lives of users everywhere.




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