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The Benefits of Laravel Application Development

Laravel has been the leading PHP framework in the past few weeks. It enjoys a simple, expressive but elegant syntax which helps in developing a wonderful application.

Using laravel development helps simplify repetitive tasks which are common in the development of many web applications. Such tasks include caching, sessions, routing, and authentication.

Laravel development provides amazing features like scalability, fast extension ability, quick institution, development speed, and better programming results. For this, most developers prefer to use laravel in their tasks.

The following are the primary benefits of using the laravel framework to develop an application.


Has an Inbuilt Authorization and Authentication System

As the web proprietor, you need to identify the authorized users and give them access right to your platform. With this, you can deny access permission to any user who doesn’t have the authorization to use the platform.

The laravel framework allows for an easier and simple authentication technique. It does so by configuring everything in a smart and fantastic way. It also guarantees an efficient route to define your authorization logic and control the access to resources.


Ease of Integration with the Mail System

Mail service is essential for informing the users about every segment of activities they perform. For instance, it would be hard to visualize the use of modern systems minus email integration.

For example, how do you expect new users to log in to your system if you don’t send an email notifying them of their successful registration through your web portal? An email notification is, therefore, fundamental stuff for any new user.

Laravel uses the “SwiftMailer” library that offers simple, clean API configuration for individual mail accounts. It also offers drivers for Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, SMTP, Amazon SES, and “send email” function allowing applications to start sending emails by cloud or local-based services.

Further, laravel supports sending emails including notifications through various delivery channels. Such include SMS and Slack.

Integrates With Cache Memory Allowing for Easy Execution

Caching helps improve the performance of any application. It represents a portion of software memory with high-speed static RAM instead of cheap or lower dynamic RAM.

Integration helps boost the back-end performance of any web application. Using laravel offers support for the back-end cache which is named as Memcached or Redis.

Configuration Error Handling and Effortless Exception

Exception handling plays a major role in user satisfaction and usability of your web application.

For example, let’s assume the web user is entering data in the application. Here, the user is likely to make one or two mistakes especially if they are new to the system. But after pressing the submit button, some pop-ups with different error lines are likely to show. Such include, “do not enter more than five digits,” “please fill the required data,” or “please fill the correct data format.”

But why should error messages be instant? Well, they allow the user to realize the error and act on it immediately. It also helps them to save on time rather than waiting at the end of their exercise.


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