Importance of Monitoring Your Web Applications in Real-Time

In today’s technology-driven world, the dominance of data is unquestionable because it informs important decisions that have to be made every day. Businesses now operate from their online spaces and important issues like marketing, troubleshooting, performance and security monitoring among others can only be handled with the help of data.

Real-time monitoring which is powered by cloud technology involves the use of tools, software and processes to monitor everything that is happening within your IT infrastructure so that you can easily detect inactivity, anomalies and any other event that is important in your system. It has proven its efficiency in troubleshooting and diagnostics, server and application monitoring, security and compliance, autoscaling and application usage analytics.

Why real-time monitoring?

Any monitoring source or tool that is cloud-based has real-time monitoring capabilities, and this is very important in many ways:

Fast response

You need to be always on the lookout to know how your website is going to convert since there are multiple aspects that you test on a regular basis. Close monitoring of how the information that is in your website is driving the conversion rates will enable you to study the trends that are very important for the growth of your business.

You also need to study your customers and competitors and respond to issues, and situations fast if you want to remain on top of your marketing game.

Drive sales

Monitoring your server in real-time is very important to ensure that it is running fast and optimized at all times. Long periods of downtime result from the inability to identify and rectify the problem as it unfolds and you can only avoid this by using real-time monitoring. Otherwise, your clients will get bored of waiting and move to other places to make their purchases. Server problems can also prevent your emails from being delivered hence miss on business meetings and opportunities. Real-time monitoring will give you the status of your email service at all times.

Business improvement

Cloud-based customer management is very important because all customer data is collected and stored securely so that you can access them at any time from any device and location. From this, you not only get real-time information on your performance but also observe patterns and improve outcomes as they are taking place.

Improve employee productivity

Your employees will only concentrate well on their assigned tasks if they are sure that the network is well monitored, and any arising issues will be identified and dealt with in time. Issues like long downtimes will distract your employees as well as cases of unauthorized data transfer which are usually rampant when there is no network monitoring.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback

Customer opinions are very important when it comes to marketing your business online. This is because they have the power to grow or destroy your brand. It has been established that a single negative review can drive away 22% of your customers. Positive feedback, on the other hand, will increase your customers’ trust, their likelihood to spend more and increase the demand revenue and the price tag of your goods and services.

Real-time customer feedback is, therefore, a treasure especially if your site is still at an infancy stage. You should, therefore, monitor them in real-time to capture and analyze any negative feedback before it brings your business reputation down.

Your business website needs to be always healthy in order to play its role well. The problem is that issues do develop when you least expect them and real-time monitoring is the best strategy to identify and fix them before they cause any harm.

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