4 WordPress Website Optimization Tips That Will Boost Your Marketing

Implementing a few WordPress website optimization tricks can boost your website performance, which will attract more traffic and improve visitor retention rates. This in turn will make your pages rank higher with Google, which will attract even more traffic. All you need for achieving these results is a bit of help from plugins, better hosting, visual content optimization, and a good sitemap.

4 WordPress Website Optimization Tips and Tools for Better Marketing

1.     Add an excellent XML sitemap

Google uses sitemaps to evaluate your website structure and metadata for the pages, using this information to rank your pages. You can easily generate one for your website using a specialized WordPress plugin Google XML Sitemaps.

Bear in mind that not only does your website need a clear well-defined structure to appeal to crawler bots. You also need to update it regularly as every new page must be included.

Small startup websites usually can be visible to search engine bots without maps because they are well-structured by the merit of having only a few pages. However, as your startup grows, you’ll need to add more content, and bigger websites will get a Google ranking boon from the sitemap. You can also add this feature from the very beginning as it will help overcome the lack of external links.

2.     Switch to a bigger hosting package

Whether you should move to a new hosting altogether or upgrade the service package you have now is up to you. However, it’s essential that you do this before your website gets a boost in traffic. A hosting switch will prevent the loss of traffic caused by long loading times and crashes, which can cost you over 40% of organic traffic.

To maximize the efficiency of your website, you should choose a provider specializing in this particular platform like InMotion WordPress hosting. This kind of service will have the best management solutions that you can use to implement other WordPress website optimization tips. It will also allow for integrating plugins and marketing tools with ease.

3.     Optimize visual content better

Visual content is extremely effective for marketing, especially as we live in the age of unprecedented online videos popularity. However, this type of content is the thing that brings down the website loading speed. As your pages must load in under 3 second to perform best, you’ll need to compress images and videos effectively. You will also need to make them adaptable to screen size so they are mobile-friendly.

Bear in mind that compressing the content too much or incorrectly will reduce its visual appeal ultimately defeating its marketing value. Instead use specialized plugins like Smush for WordPress to have the quality preserved despite the change in file size.

4.     Add best WordPress plugins for marketing

You can enhance WordPress website optimization for marketing by adding a few plugins that specifically make your pages more ‘attractive’ to Google bots. Some of the best options include:

  • All In One Schema Rich Snippets.
    Schema rich snippets are one of the most efficient tools for making the website more visible to modern Google bots. The plugin will make designing them and including the snippet into the website HTML a simple task.
  • Broken Link Checker.
    Use this tool to monitor your website and identify any broken links. You should remove them right away as they don’t only lose you traffic but also damage your website’s SEO ranking
  • Nelio AB Testing.
    Use this or any other A/B testing plugin of your choice to assess the quality of your content and webpage design. Note that A/B testing can provide quite confusing results and sometimes it might be unhelpful. Using a plugin will help get more accurate data as it usually performs better than a combination of third party testing tools that might not integrate well into the website.

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