4 Ways a Business can get an App in 2017

Whether you are a small sized business or medium sized, you would certainly require a Facebook, mobile or web app. Regardless of nature, building an app is quite a simple thing to do. But since it’s your first time, you probably need some help. The three most likely things you would do is either choose DIY tools which are available online, seek professional help, reach out for an agency or look for a developer available on a freelance basis. Here’s a quick synopsis of getting your app developed as a small or medium sized business.

DIY Tools

There are several do-it-yourself choices for the prudent capitalist. If you’re not a stickler, and if your resources are limited, creating your app with least support from professional developers might be a feasible choice. Most of these tools have are technically challenged, and you should be proficient enough to make a practical application without going through any mental stress.

These DIY tools are usually a lot cheaper than working with a professional — but the reality is that you get what you pay for. The most significant part of using a do it yourself tool is to ensure that your original design and plan are intact before you go aboard on actually building the app. It might be smart to cross check your plan with a qualified and winning mobile marketing expert before starting your app creation.

You aren’t going to love — or even like — every service you try. But that’s the point. Until you try three or four or half a dozen tools, you’re just not in a position to judge which one works best. It may be that you read about a new tool here that replaces a service you already use. You try out a new service and a couple of its competitors only to discover that your current, familiar tool works better than the new upstarts. Although it may not seem like it, this is a valuable exercise. Even though you may stick with your current technology, by trying out the new tools you are helping to improve your level of technological competence, which can only be a positive development.

Will the tool work in a Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and BlackBerry environment? This is important to me because I work on multiple platforms, but it may matter less to you if you live exclusively in the world of Windows or Mac. Consider, however, whether you’ll be using the tool to work with others; will they need to access it on another platform? The best collaboration tools offer access to multiple platforms because not everyone is a Windows or a Mac user.

Freelance Developers

The World Wide Web is filled with jobs posting of freelance developers, however, how do you find out where expert and dependable developers lurk? How do you confirm who would be able to work on your project and do a fair job?

Some places to check include:

Working with a freelance developer can be difficult and easy at the same time. Your job is to ensure you have all paperwork ready from contracts to invoices and more — properly signed at an early stage of the process. This will ensure security and protection for all parties involved. Thus your developer would feel being treated fairly and result in better results and product from the developer’s end. Another important element involved in getting work done by a developer is to make sure that there is clear communication. Be a great client to get a great job done.

Mobile App Development Agencies

Considering the importance of the mobile application in your marketing strategy, you might want to choose a professional agency. Development agencies are a great help with numerous app-related tasks. Starting from what you require them to do up to measuring the performance of the app.

Prices for different agencies vary accordingly to the work quality and a number of services being offered. The fee charges and payment schedules may also differ among different agencies — some charge on the periodic basis, some charge a one-time rate per app and some create a quote customized to you requirements.

In spite of whether you’re building a mobile app or an app for traditional web, make sure your research Is complete and through before you choose a development agency for your app. You must get familiar with the portfolio of the agency and also seek recommendations from different people who are aware of the agency or utilized their services. Also, your expectations should be real in regards to pricing and services and should be undersigned by both the parties before commencement of services.

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In-House Developers

If your core business involves mobile app development on a regular basis then it is better to hire a full-time developer in-house. This is a great option if you need continuous support and regular revisions in your app. It is even better if you are looking forward to creating a solid campaign that mirrors your company’s mission, objectives, cross-channel marketing, from social media to Smartphone.

Before you initiate the process of hiring a developer, make a decision and affirmatively state what you require and what you are looking forward to giving. Regarding benefits and salary, it is very important that you pay a very good share. Though this entire planning phase will take a lot of time, however, it is worth the effort and would reap favorable results regarding productivity, quality, and turnover.

Lastly, when you are set to hire a developer, you can begin by looking at related job boards, and screen recommended candidates. Another option is to choose a tech recruiter, but many of these head hunters don’t turn up expected candidates to choose from. You may also choose to hire a temporary internee if you want to start slowly and this will help build an understanding between you and the employer without you having to spend heavy budgets.


Author Bio: Ian Naylor is the founder and CEO of AppInstitute, one of the world’s leading DIY App Builders (over 70,000 apps built).

Naylor has founded, grown and sold 4 successful internet and technology companies during the past 18 years around the world. He gives seminars as an expert authority on startup mobile app trends, development, and online marketing and has spoken at numerous industry events including The Great British Business Show, Venturefest, the National Achievers Congress and numerous industry exhibitions around the UK.

AppInstitute regularly provides leading publications with app analytics, business data, case studies, white papers and statistics for established publishers across the world. They were named in the top 50 creative companies in England by Creative England.

Written by Ian Naylor

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