9 Medieval Knight Logo Designs [Flat and Illustrative]

Time to take a look at a few of my favorite knight log designs. These guys are straight out of the dark ages! They span many different styles and use a diverse color set. Hopefully, these designs will help inspire you for your next project. These were the best designs after reviewing Behance and Dribbble. Make sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the post with what design was your personal pick. I’m a big fan of the third design.

Go forth and design young knight!

1. Red Knight

Red geometric knight

This is a photo of a red knight holding a sword with a geometric design.

Designed by knightbrands.


2. Black Knight

Knight with horse logo

This is a photo of a black knight with a blue accented shield, mounted on a tan horse.

Designed by davit chanadiri.


3. Kneeling Knight

Kneeling knight logo

This is a photo of two kneeling knights with swords and shields.

Designed by Bojan Oreskovic.


4. Knight vs. Dragon

Knight fighting dragon logo

This is a photo of a knight illustration featuring a green dragon and a mighty knight.

Designed by Murat Celik.


5. Loyal Knight

Fierce knight design

This is a photo of a knight logo with a long sword and lavender background.

Designed by Cris Labno.


6. Knight’s Armor

Knight with armor logo

This is a photo of a black and white knight logo that has a crown on top.

Designed by Alex Tass.


7. Charging Knight

Charging knight design

This is a photo of a knight that is charging forward with a red color design.

Designed by Travis Howell.


8. Hand-Drawn Knight

Knight riding bucking horse

This is a photo of a knight riding a bucking horse with a hand-drawn style.

Designed by Alexander Sapelkin.


9. Silver Knight

Knight in shining armor

This is a photo of a knight illustration that has silver armor and a red tassel on top of its helmet.

Designed by Wade Winebrenner.

Written by Joshua Soukup


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