Best Promotional Opportunities Through a Web Design Studio

A web design studio is a useful resource for small businesses looking to promote their brand successfully. There are many ways to go about getting more name recognition for your company. Some are more expensive than others and most are not overly costly for small businesses to afford.

Here are some of the best promotional opportunities out there.

Postcard Printing & Distribution

A web design studio can help plan and execute a superb postcard design. Postcard printing can be on smaller 4 x 6 postcards, larger 8.5 x 11 postcards or something in between the two sizes. Square or rectangular postcards are selectable too.

Depending on the design, the intricacy and the number of colors used, there are different printing options available to display the graphic design from a web studio in the best possible light. These include full-color reproduction, offset printing and digital versions. Each has their pros and cons with the graphic designer and printing company able to discuss the pros and cons of each for a given postcard marketing campaign.

Produce & Launch a Promotional Mini-site

To coincide with a new product launch, a web studio can be tasked with producing a modern take on a promotional website to bring out the best about the new product to be released. Some old school marketing practitioners might prefer to keep all brand and product promotions within the main web presence, but this isn’t always the right approach. A separate site, often called a mini site, is another way to go.

The advantages of using the mini site concept are three-fold:

  1. Bring visitors from a marketing campaign to a separate site
  2. Experiment with different marketing logos and concepts that protects the primary brand (think: Dimension Films producing niche and racy movie titles and sequels while being ultimately owned by Disney)
  3. Track visitors more easily to a separate site to test how efficient the marketing plan is

Social Media Marketing

A web studio is well versed in using social media marketing to promote brands. They do it for their own business and usually have at least one dedicated person who is responsible for using social media to extend the reach of clients’ brands while protecting their reputation online.

A social marketing manager is going to be best at deciding the right social marketing strategy for the brand or product. Sometimes less is more where focusing on a single social network is best. Other times, updating a couple of times a day across several social platforms provides the appropriate mix of posting frequency and platform coverage to be successful.

With social account management for promotional benefit, it’s usually about blending useful updates on related topics from other companies, as it is about self-promotion. Getting the mix right avoids upsetting followers due to being overly self-promotional.

Web studios are multi-faceted enterprises. They can help provide a full range of excellent services that protect and extend the brand to put it in at the forefront of the customers’ mind which often leads to sales growth and better brand recognition too.

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