7 Digital Marketing Skills to Include in a Resume

Are you interested in a career in digital marketing? Do you have training in specific areas that are going to really stand out to potential employers? If so, you need to highlight these skills on your resume. Let them know right away that you have the skills they are looking for, and that they need look no further than you. Today we are going to take a look at seven of the top digital marketing skills that you can put on your resume to really impress potential employers.

Content Marketing Manager

Have you managed a content team successfully, ensuring that all of the content is related to the marketing strategies, and that it all works? If so, this is a skill that should be highlighted on your resume. You can show that you have the ability to oversee content management, approve designs, create and develop resources, and be responsible for audience development.

Video Production Specialist

This is a skill that is going to look great on your digital marketing resume. Your skills will include planning content, filming, editing and mixing the video and audio, compressing, and more. Basically, you will be able to put together a video from start to finish, and get it online for everyone to see. This is often a specialty that not all digital marketers have, so if you do, you need to make the most of it on your resume.

Website Optimization Specialist

Every company wants to be at the top of search engine lists, and they all need someone who specializes in this very thing. So, if this is your specialty, let potential employers know it. Your resume should show that you have been successful at using SEO to put companies at the top of instant searches and increase leads, which is half of the battle when it comes to trying to sell anything.

Direct-Response Copywriter

Email marketing has long been one of the most important types of marketing for any business, and it is a skill that potential employers are looking for in a new employee. Show them that you are able to understand how to create a headline that is virtually irresistible, and how to get people to take action after reading a marketing email, turning leads into genuine customers.

Email Marketing Analyst

If you have led teams in email marketing campaigns, including doing all of the day-to-day work such as scheduling promotions, planning campaigns, implementing campaigns, troubleshooting, etc., and you can show that you have led successful campaigns, you need to show it on your resume. You may not be the one writing the actual emails, but you will be overseeing everything the team does when it comes to email marketing.

Brand Journalist

Another term for this skill is corporate reporter, and basically, you are skilled at producing various types of multimedia to communicate and sell a brand to potential customers. You are going to be giving customers the news about the company, telling the story in ways that are going to attract traffic, engage readers, and then convert most or all of those new leads into actual sales.

Community Manager

If you have worked on projects, and your work involved making a brand attractive across a variety of platforms, and attracted engagement about the brand, you need to make sure it is included in your resume. You have the skills needed to create relationships through social media communication, listen to what people really want, and moderate conversations about the brand so you can use that information to take the brand as far as it can go.

Written by Jane Hurst

Jane Hurst is a content manager from San Francisco. She is a business writer and writing coach. Find Jane on Twitter!

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