9 DIY Photo Gifts That People Will Love

With Christmas and New Year’s just a few days away, the rush to find the perfect gift is imminent. If you want to give your friends and loved ones something a little different this year, why not give them a personalized gift? People love personalized gifts since it means that you took the time out to print something for them. If you are on the lookout for an excellent unique personalized gift, here are nine ideas that you can implement.


 A Personalized Calendar

Personalized Calendars are a fun utility that people tend to use. Making a small desk calendar is ideal because of how versatile it can be. There are several calendar templates online that can guide you into making your personalized calendar. All you need to do is print out the templates on high-quality paper, and then either spiral binds it or add a clip to hold it together. You can quickly make a cardboard stand for it, or buy a mini easel online to organize your calendar and to look incredibly cute.


 Mason Jar Fridge Magnets


Everyone loves putting magnets in their fridge, and a cute DIY one made from a mason jar lid is incredibly easy to execute. All you would need is a mason jar lid and a print of the photo that you want to use. Cut the picture a little smaller than your mason jar lid and cut out a cardboard of the same size that you will use to hold it in place. Secure the cardboard with tape and super glue a small magnet in the center so that it sticks to the fridge.



 Picture Clock


If you have a special moment that you wish you could freeze in time, a personalized clock is the best way to do this. This requires minimal effort, and photo studios can easily do this for you. All you would need is the picture that you want, and pick out the clock frame that you want it in. Alternatively, you can assemble the clock yourself by removing both the dials from an old clock and attaching it to the picture to the back with the battery.



 A Pull-Out Photo Album


If you want to gift someone an album of your memories together, why not do it innovatively and go with a pull out photo album. You would need to select a few pictures that you want to print and make sure that they are smaller than the box you want to fit it. Fold a long piece of paper so that it fits like a square in the box, and stick the photos on each square. Attach a ribbon to the top, and voila, you have a beautiful personalized album like no other!



 Photo Bookmarks


This idea is incredibly easy to implement, and all it needs is a photo of someone standing up (the funnier, the better) and a small piece of ribbon. Make sure that the picture is on a slightly thicker paper. Cut the silhouette of the person you want to make a bookmark out of, and attach a ribbon to the top and you get a cute and funny bookmark that is sure to grab someone’s attention!



 Map Album


If you have someone you have traveled the world with, giving them a map photo frame is a good idea. Pick the outline of the places that you have visited and cut out the photos to fit exactly as the states or countries look. You can print out a map outline beforehand and use it to trace the shape of the area you want to cover. Don’t worry if there are empty places on the map since you can always fill them out after your next trip together!



 Decorative Photograph Letters


Want to give your loved ones something that they can use as a piece of home decor while still looking amazing as ever? Cut out a shape of a letter from cardboard, or wood if you want it to be studier. Use a sticky spray to cover the entire cut out in newspaper, and spray paint it the color of your choice. Next, place your photographs throughout the cutout, and spray the sticky spray once again. You can personalize this by adding additional elements like handwritten notes among the photos to make it more unique.



 Photo Wreath


If you have smaller spare photo frames at home, you can put them together to make a neat little photo wreath. You can also easily find mini photo frames in any stationery store. You will need to cut a circular piece of mount board or wood, and stick each photo around the rim. If you want to make the frames as well, you can do so using the same materials as the base wreath. Remember to glue it on well so that it doesn’t fall off. Just like the last one, you can also vary this up by alternating between photos and handwritten notes for the person who you are giving this to.



 Glowing Photo Candle Holders


Candle holders with photos on the glass are incredibly easy to make and use. The first thing that you did to do is find a glass that you want to put the paper over. Cylindrical glasses work best for this. Apply a piece of double-sided tape from the top to the bottom of the glass on the outer side. Stick your photo onto the glass with the help of the double-sided tape. If you want to secure it from the outside as well, use a line of washi tape to give it a polished look. Next, using a glue gun, stick a tea light on the inside of the glass, and your photo candle holder is ready to be gifted!


A personalized gift doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be from the heart. Don’t be afraid to add your touch to the ideas that we have mentioned, and don’t forget to comment and post your own creations in the comments below!

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