Web Designing Trends To Have An Eye For in 2018

The web is constantly evolving. Web designing is giving new faces and shades to the Internet that is rewriting user experiences.

2017 was a year of robust activity in web designing. We saw web developers go beyond ordinary coding to integrate awesome stylesheets that animated web frontends like never before.

2018 has more in store. The last year has already given us some heads up on what can be considered the trends that will follow in 2018.

This article is a snapshot of that. Here are some plausible trends that we hope to catch glimpse of.


Flat Design

Flat Design Trend

Although mainstream, flat web design still remains hot in the industry. There are a number of reasons why web designers prefer flat designing in their works. First of all, it is light-weight. Web pages can load quickly. Also, they are mobile-friendly, fitting perfectly into all screen sizes. The colors and graphical elements also give web designers much creative liberty to create artistic web frontends. All this put together makes web flat design a trend that is going to continue in 2018.


Expressive Typography

Expressive Typography

Along with flat design, there is a tiny design element that is making web waves in web designing. That is expressive typography. Expressive typography enables web designers to unleash their creativity to create concept-based and meaningful web frontends.

Typography gives the liberty to give the exact look and feel native to specific industries. For instance, Gothic fonts relate to antiquity while Roboto, Helvetica, Arial, etc. belong to new-age designs.

And, there is one more huge benefit of typography. Websites optimized stand to get better SEO ranking thanks to the presence of keyword-optimized content. All put together, expressive typography is a trend that will go big in 2018.


Logo Animations

Logo Animations

Animated logos and scroll-triggered animations made a silent entry in the recent years. Web technology has evolved considerably to accommodate all these animations effortlessly. Also, unlike in the past, these animations have now become a lot smoother and pleasant to the user. They have literally abolished flashy banners that were so irritating.


We can rightly say logo animations and scroll-based animations will go big in 2018 since they blend perfectly with the two aforementioned trends – flat design and expressive typography.




In 2018 and beyond, 80% of our communication will be bots more than humans. AI-charged chatbots are taking over the web. They are replacing websites, messengers, support operations and many other tasks that were earlier the domain of humans. In websites, AI systems will provide real-time live chat support which will make things easier for everyone including web administrators and users.


Chatbots which learn progressively how to interact and react to human customers enable human customer support agents to focus on other tasks that need their immediate attention. It saves them from the effort to repeat mundane and repetitive requests that can be handled with canned responses from a chatbot.


Voice Interface

Siri and Facebook Bots have already put voice recognition at the heart of user experience. Siri gets as much as a billion or more questions every single day. That is more than the requests that users log into websites on a daily basis. That makes voice interface for websites a massive possibility that will become a reality soon.


Search Engine Land expects that search explosion and how it will change local search. Since voice-based search is also gaining momentum, it is only a matter of time, before search engines start ranking websites with voice interfaces better than the rest.


Security Flagging

Make security a priority. This was hidden message that top search engines and CMS platforms had been stressing in the past couple of years. With cybersecurity attacks increasing at an alarming rate, web designers and developers can no longer turn a blind eye towards security.


We have reached a point where securing the website is more important than making it look and function properly. That makes 2018 a year of heightened security activity. Web designers will have to consider integrating an SSL certificate into the website. Lest they should face the peril of being tagged as ‘Not Secure’ website by Google.

Mobile-first As A Critical Strategy

Mobile traffic is incrementally increasing with every passing year. Users are ditching laptops and PCs for mobile devices that offer better portability. This has led to the need for websites to be mobile-friendly.


Google is also scheming to release its Mobile First Index strategy that will list mobile websites above desktop versions. This will give a tremendous boost to online activity as users will be accessing their websites from any device in a uniform fashion. Also, technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages – an open-source based coding standard that ensure instant loading of mobile pages.

Ultra-modern Grid Layouts

Ultra-modern Grid Layouts

Grid layouts make it easy to place content in a legible form. However, the recent web design practices have been taking a slight deviation from the same. We entering the age of ultra-modern grid layouts where designers will use more whitespace and neural space. These spaces will make it easy for users to reach and consume content effortlessly. They also give a spacious and ambient look to an otherwise cluttered looking website.



These are some of the best possible web design trends that we think would become mainstream in 2018. We are slowly drifting away from the PC dominated experience to one where mobile sits right in the center of the web. Flat design, expressive typography, logo animations, and the rest of the other trends will make the web a highly interactive experience than it was before.

Written by Kunjal Panchal

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