How to Use Video to Bring Your Brand to Life

Content marketing may take many different shapes and forms. Typically, people think of text-based content, as in blogs, press releases, and social media posts.

But if you want to breathe some new life into your brand and invigorate your audience, video is undoubtedly the most powerful and effective tool you can add to your repertoire, if you aren’t already making heavy use of it.

Using Video? These Four Tips Will Help

Big companies have employed video to set their brands apart for many years. Only recently have smaller brands been able to incorporate it into their content strategies.

The democratization of video, due partly to the rise of new and cheaper technologies, has made it possible for brands of any size to engage customers powerfully with relative ease.

If you want to use video in your brand marketing but are not sure how to start, you may find the following four techniques enlightening. Maybe you should try these:

  1. Humanize Your Brand

One of the most effective benefits of video is that it can empower you to humanize your brand in ways that textual content simply can’t. A 30-second video will do far more for your brand than almost any 5,000-word blog post ever could.

This is because visual content is far more influential and efficient than words. This page from Marks & Harrison is a perfect example of a company that has used a short video to connect with customers.

Notice how the clip at the top of the page is less than 90 seconds in duration, yet it does a phenomenal job of explaining what the firm stands for. Try to think of how your brand could use video in a similar manner.

  1. Help Your Audience

“Beyond brand-building benefits, video is ideal for topic tutorials, product demos, process guides, and other practical resources that help you live up to the promises of value and service your brand makes to its prospects and customers,” content marketing expert Jodi Harris says.

The more you can assist your audience and teach them something practical and valuable, the more likely your video will become influential on a brand-building scale.

  1. Focus on Clarity and Consistency

In terms of building and developing a brand, there are “two Cs” that you need to keep in mind: clarity and consistency. Clarity refers to the transparency and precision of your brand; in other words, what does it stand for and how can you relay that to your audience?

Consistency is primarily about maintaining a singular and accurate message that resonates with your audience. This can make your brand dependable and give customers realistic expectations.

In your video marketing efforts, you have to maintain both clarity and consistency. This means publishing video content that reflects your brand image and resonates with customers, while also staying aware of how, when, and where you disseminate video content.

  1. Focus on the Story, Not the Sale

As marketers, we can’t help getting excited about closing a sale. But when you develop video content, you have to shift the primary focus to the story, as opposed to the sale.

As digital marketer Zara Burke writes, “The same rules that apply for written content marketing apply for video marketing — concentrate on the value you’re providing for your customers.”

When you focus on pushing a story, the sales will follow naturally. If you do it the other way around, you’ll set an unstable foundation that will make it more difficult to close deals.

Adding it All Up

There’s something inherently powerful and compelling about video content. Though it’s certainly not the only form of content marketing, it’s clearly one of the most effective in the digital landscape.

Now that you have a better idea of to leverage effective video content, use it to garner a better ROI in your future promotional efforts.

Written by Jenna Cyprus

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