5 Ingredients of a High Converting Landing Page

It’s a common fact that nowadays landing pages are bread and butter of many businesses. It’s not surprising. Perhaps, there’s no more effective way to generate leads and make sales than an effective landing page. Whatever your business is, a high converting landing page can definitely bring it to the next level. Do you still hesitate whether you need investing time and money into a landing page? Then, let’s focus on the benefits it provides.

The Benefits a High Converting Landing Page Gives

Firstly, landing pages are really a universal tool. You can use them for any online project. Do you want to advertise a new product? Is your intention to promote an upcoming event? Are you dreaming of growing your email list? A high converting landing page can become your indispensable helper.

Secondly, you can take the advantage of a high converting landing page at any stage of the marketing funnel. Whether you wisely use a landing page at the top or at the bottom, it is capable of making wonders.

Thirdly, you don’t have to be an IT geek to create a high converting landing page. Frankly speaking, even a novice can do it using one of the great multipurpose landing page templates.

Finally, sometimes a drag and drop landing page for business can do a better job than a huge website. Being a page with a single focus, it has no distracting elements. Therefore, it makes a process of decision making faster and easier.

Are you ready to create your own landing page that converts but don’t know where to start? Well, we’ll gladly share our experience and tell you about the main ingredients to consider.

5 Ingredients Each High Converting Landing Page Includes

It goes without saying that there’s no one-fits-all formula for creating a high converting landing page. Effective landing pages differ from each other as much as their visitors. Every page has its own purpose, targeted audience, and place in the marketing funnel. However, there are several elements a successful landing page can’t do without. Here they are.

A Catchy Headline

According to the “The Definitive Guide to Copywriting”, headlines are worth 90% of the advertising dollar in marketing. It’s quite explicable. A headline is the first thing your prospects see when they come to your landing page. Consequently, a headline is the very thing that forms their initial impression of your business. Moreover, it influences their decision whether to stay or leave the page immediately.

A good headline is short, clear and highly convincing. It grabs the visitors’ attention immediately due to the unique value proposition it contains. In fact, sometimes a smart headline is enough to persuade your prospects to take the desired action.

There’s no place for superfluous words here. The best practice is to limit your headline up to 10 words. If they aren’t enough to convey your message, it’s better to use a subheading to deepen into details.

A Persuasive Ad Copy

It’s quite obvious that the next must-have element of any high converting landing page is a convincing ad copy. As a rule, it has two components: your offer and benefits. In other words, it tells about your product and the advantages it gives.

To begin with, a copy should be concise but highly understandable. Don’t write a novel. Try to get to the point in a couple of sentences. It’s also not a good idea to use professional jargon. Speak the language any person can easily perceive.

Next, your copy should be customer-centered. It’s useless just to describe the features or praise the strong sides of your product. Your aim is to show that the product is an indispensable thing for your prospects. Reading a copy your visitors must realize that they simply can’t do without the thing you offer. While telling about benefits, use “you”, not “I” or “we”. It will highlight your concern about your customers.

High-Quality Visuals

Visual content is an essential component of a high converting landing page. Visuals are not just placeholders that make your page look nice. They are a perfect way to reinforce your offer and convince visitors to take the final decision. Whatever visuals you choose to add, there are several things to keep in mind.


First and foremost, your visuals should be relevant to your product or services. They should demonstrate its advantages in the best possible light.

Moreover, your visuals should be unique. The best thing is not to save on images and hire a pro. However, if your budget is limited, stock photos are the only thing you can afford. In such a case, run the chosen photo through TinEye. It will help you ensure that your competitors aren’t using it.

If you decide to implement a video, feel free to examine the 10 best examples of video landing pages for inspiration.

Trustworthy Testimonials

Social proof is always a good way to evoke trust. That’s why testimonials are the next important ingredient of a high converting landing page.


Use testimonials from real people who resemble your target audience to the maximum. Don’t worry if you have no testimonials from experts or celebrities. Believe it or not, sometimes testimonials from common people sound more persuasive.

While publishing testimonials, add full names and photos of the people you’re quoting. As usual, we tend to trust easier when we see the speaker’s face and know his name.

A Powerful CTA

It’s quite obvious that a high converting landing page can’t exist without a call to action button. Ultimately, it’s the element the whole page is created for. So, your CTA should be highly visible. Hardly will anyone waste time and effort looking for it.


Firstly, use a contrasting color. Contrasting colors help to catch the attention and compel to click.

Secondly, leave enough white space around. It will make your CTA stand out.

Thirdly, make your call to action button large. If your visitors prefer smartphones to desktops, they should be able to click your CTA without annoying zooming.

If you want to learn more about powerful CTAs, you’re welcome to examine 10 best call-to-action buttons designed to convert.

Hope, now you’re ready to create a high converting landing page. However, before you start we highly recommend you to study the 6 landing page mistakes that kill conversion rates. This knowledge will keep you from making ones on the landing page of your own.

To move ahead, we have showcased some fantastic landing page templates here. These templates can be used in various purposes like corporate, business, personal blog & many more.

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