Market Share Insight of Top eCommerce Platforms in 2018

The e-commerce industry has been rocking the business world for over the past 2 decades, due to its astonishing growth in a short period of time.


A year ago, the industry was able to achieve sales figures amounting to $2.304 trillion and this number is expected to blow up to $4.5 trillion by 2021.


Since 2014, the increase in sales reached up to 245.15% from the $1.3 trillion that year, as stated by the data acquired from Statista. The data also proves that the industry is attracting more entrepreneurs to take a shot.


Top e-commerce sites are gaining more revenue compared to many “in-store only” businesses (just look at Amazon’s 1,468% return since 2010). And with the continuously growing reliance on social media, the next generation of consumers are making e-commerce an integral part of their lives.


That is why we want those who want to build a sustainable online business and dab on e-commerce to arm themselves with as much knowledge about the industry as possible.


SaleHoo recently published a list of the top ecommerce platforms, ranked by usage. So if you’re thinking of starting an online store, this might be a good primer on choosing which platforms to use:


top ecom 2018 platform


Top 10 Ecommerce Platforms by Market Share:


  1. WooCommerce


Total sites: 2,287,356

Popular in:


  • United States: 401K sites
  • United Kingdom 19K sites
  • Australia: 17K sites


  1. Shopify


Total sites: 1,275,905

Popular in:


  • United States: 513K sites
  • United Kingdom: 23K sites
  • Canada: 12K sites


  1. Squarespace Commerce


Total sites: 1,075,124

Popular in:


  • United States: 338K sites
  • United Kingdom: 10.6K sites
  • Australia: 8.7K sites


  1. Wix Stores


Total sites: 978,742

Popular in:


  • United States: 421K sites
  • United Kingdom: 23.5K sites
  • Mexico: 2.1K sites


  1. OpenCart

Total sites: 794,234

Popular in:


  • United States: 153.8K sites
  • United Kingdom: 19.5K sites
  • India: 3.6K sites


  1. Zen Cart


Total sites: 780,139

Popular in:


  • United States: 165K sites
  • Germany: 43.3K sites
  • France: 25.3K sites


  1. Magento


Total sites: 651,035

Popular in:


  • United States: 102K sites
  • United Kingdom: 13.2K sites
  • Germany: 11.6K sites


  1. PrestaShop


Total sites: 547,581

Popular in:


  • United States: 129.2K sites
  • France: 23.3K sites
  • Spain: 16.9K sites


  1. osCommerce


Total sites: 314,148

Popular in:


  • United States: 33.7K sites
  • Germany: 9.6K sites
  • Italy: 8.5K sites


  1. BigCommerce


Total sites: 120,032

Popular in:


  • United States: 52.7K sites
  • Australia: 3.7K sites
  • United Kingdom: 2.7K sites


If you are selling products online, which eCommerce platform is your favourite? Share your experience about the platform you use here!



Written by Jason Acidre

Jason Acidre is the Co-founder of Grit. He’s a seasoned digital marketing consultant with a heavy focus on technical SEO, content marketing, and digital PR. He has also been working with several highly-valued startups and enterprise-level brands since 2010. Follow him on Twitter @jasonacidre.

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