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10 Best Call-to-Action Buttons Designed to Convert of All Time

How many of you were caught by a banner, button, or some type of graphic, or even text while surfing a website?
I’m sure most us did!

But, did they encourage you to click on those?

Gone are the days, when the call to action buttons like “Get started,” “Subscribe now,” “Request a demo,” “Free Trial” used to encourage consumers to take action on the go.

Today, with the ease of starting an online business- it can become difficult to improve click-through rates by simply offering the old common CTAs for your modern website with no personalization.

To make it easy for your, I have decided to come up with this blog that will cover the most important CTAs and best strategies implemented by popular brands.

Let’s begin:

Considering “Subscription” enrolment

Subcription CTA

Image source:

What do you learn?

Apart from a personalized greeting, the brand performs the best way of earning email address in return for a discount on purchases.

Additionally, the brand allows multiple preferences to ensure audience are able to select and receive updates only that related to their needs and daily activities.

Considering “Read more” button

Read CTA

Image source:

What do you learn?

Simply offering an image of your product with the read-more call to action button, may not encourage the consumer to click them, however, adding personalized content that could educate your potential consumers about using and maintaining your products will instantly make them click for understanding the benefits and quality offered by your brand.

Considering “Social share” button

Social share CTA

Image source:

What do you learn?

Consumers, especially fashionistas are excited about their purchases and allowing them to easily share their favorite products across multiple social media platforms will give them an opportunity to get popular in their network, who in turn, won’t mind continuing to do so for their future purchases too.

Considering “Shop now” button

Shop Now CTA

Image source: Toad&

What do you learn?

Offering content that prompts the use of your products in different ways will surely excite potential consumers to click-through and shop for their favorite ones to flaunt the style you related your product with.

Considering “Explore best-selling products” button

Explore best selling - CTA

Image source:

What do you learn?

Instead of focusing on multiple call-to-action buttons for your multiple brands and their products, may not earn sufficient engagement level for each and some may be left out unclicked.
Therefore, offering a single call-to-action button highlighting your bestselling brand names will not only encourage consumers to click-through for exploring their favorite brands, but you also allow them to engage with other popular brands from the same page and increase the purchase orders for your business.

Considering “Download Mobile app” button

Download Mobile app CTA

Image source:

What do you learn?

Mobile application is an added advantage for business owners to be a part of consumer’s smartphones, you would not like to miss on the opportunity!
Apart from allowing consumers to find the nearest store for their favorite brand- highlighting benefits on their purchases will encourage many to click the download button for taking the special advantages of shopping via your mobile app.

Considering “Share a Review” button

Share Review CTA

Image source:

What do you learn?

Offering valuable benefits of providing reviews for your products will increase the click-through-rates for your call-to-action button. Additionally, making the process easy by proving self-assisted prompts for writing a review will make it easy for your potential consumers to participate every time they make a purchase from your store.

Considering “Rewards management” button

Rewards Management

Image source:

What do you learn?

Rewards can surely encourage potential consumers to tack-action on-the-go only if you allow them to do so. Therefore, offering an all-together separate landing page/or even an application to manage and claim reward benefits will encourage more and more consumers to subscribe to the program.

Considering “Contact us” button

Contact us CTA

Image source:

What do you learn?

Only offering a number or address to connect with your brand may not encourage consumers to click through it as they fear of not getting connected to a live person on-the-go.

Therefore allowing multiple methods of communication like email, chat, and even FAQ will help consumers an alternative to either get information on-the-go or even connect with your brand as per their preferences and state of urgency.

Considering “Add to cart” button

Add to cart CTA

Image source:

What do you learn?

Apart from offering a personalized product description on the product page, highlighting relevant high-end products and shipping and returns details for each will allow your potential consumers to take better decisions and add their favorite products to their cart for making purchases from your site.

Closing note

So, there you have it!
Call to action button is an important element for any website design and conversion optimization. And, with the above example from popular brands, you are ready to adopt proven methodologies and convert more and more audience to consumers for your site.
Please note: The same call to action button may not work for the whole year, therefore, it suggested to optimize them with time.

Written by Anil Parmar

Anil Parmar is the co-founder of Glorywebs that aims to help clients with professional web design services, app design & development, digital marketing and more. Find him on Twitter @abparmar99.

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