Top 10 Websites Using Anatomical Images

Anatomy is a branch of biology and medicine that is the consideration of the structure of living things.” As for a human anatomy, it’s the science that studies the structure of the human body.

After you read this, please do not think this article is aimed at medical students, doctors or scientists. Not at all, it’s actually written for web designers, webmasters and anyone looking for design inspiration.

We have noticed some websites using illustrations of the human body, anatomical models, medical images etc and we’d like to share them with you.

Well, let’s try to understand why designers use anatomical images and graphics

  • first of all, each designer wants to build a web page that will stand out and anatomical illustrations ensure a unique, rare and memorable experience for site visitors
  • also, the diagrams of the skeletal system, the muscular system and the like are always interesting to see and they are perfect at getting peoples’ attention
  • a web page, as well as a human body, is made up of many components and often an anatomical illustration helps designers create an effective website navigation

Now, we invite you to see 10 websites that are beautiful examples of anatomy in web design.

Website : shows how an illustration of an anatomical structure of the human brain can become a handy navigation tool where each region of the brain represents a certain page of the website.

Website :
Here again we see how an illustration of the human head helps users navigate through a website. And of course, anyone coming to the site will hardly forget such an impressive illustration.

Website :
Joshua Turner is a graphic and web designer and his main principle is “Whether it’s a logo, a website, an application or a user experience, I believe design is about getting to the heart, uncovering the essence and expressing it with elegance and simplicity”. So, no surprise that there is a heart image on Joshua’s portfolio website.

Website :
More than likely a funny image of a human brain used as a site logo will put a smile on your face. So, on this website you will see what happens when humor meets anatomy.

Website :
At, an illustration of the human heart is more like a decor than anything else. It catches attention and helps visitors distinquish the site from the others.

Website :
We bet you will remember from the first time you will visit this site and we bet that’s what the designer wanted to achieve.

Website :
If you’re a web designer, there are a few reasons why you should visit The first reason is that it’s using an illustration of the brain as a main navigation menu. And the second is the site provides information about Corpus (it’s a database builder and content manager in one).

Website : is an online portfolio of Kerstin Fuderholz, a Germany based web designer. More than likely Kerstin has built his portfolio himself and he used a Flash animated heart to make it unique and easy-to remember.

Website :
Mat Tomaszewski is another designer whose website fits our list. He believes that “the key to great designs is in studying humans” and that is why we can see illustrations of human heads at

Website :
It may take a bit for to load, but what you will see there is worth waiting. Check it out.

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