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10 Tips for Creating a Successful Realtor Blog

Recent studies show that, on WordPress alone, there are over 75 million blogs. Originally thought of as a tool for hobbyists, blogs have become a popular choice for those looking to build their businesses.


For a real estate agent, a blog can be a great way to attract potential clients. This is important since most agents depend on their ability to build their own networks to earn their income.


Ready to learn how a realtor blog can help elevate your strategy? Here are 10 tips that will help you create a successful blog to grow your business.

1. Choose the Right Platform

When you’re starting a blog, you have a couple of choices for how you want to host it. Free options include WordPress and Blogger.


These platforms also often have premium versions that you can upgrade to if you need more features. Take a minute to look through your options, and consider which ones align with your needs.

2. Write Content to Interest Buyers and Sellers

Most real estate agents work with both buyers and sellers to build a strong network of connections and opportunities. After all, a buyer you help today could become a seller in a few years down the line. For this reason, make sure that your content is geared towards both populations.

3. Consider Local SEO

Most real estate agents focus their efforts on a specific geographic territory. To be successful, you want your blog to attract potential buyers and sellers who live in or around that region. After all, it’s not really useful if you’re driving a bunch of traffic to your blog from folks on the other side of the country who aren’t potential clients.


The key to targeting the right clients is to focus on local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can do this by targeting keywords specific to the region you are focused on.

4. Demonstrate Expertise in the Local Market

One of the things you want to accomplish with your blog is establishing your credibility as an authority on the local real estate market. The content you produce should inform readers, and convince them that you are a go-to expert.


Highlight the kind of details that buyers will care about. For instance, you can talk about the school district, the local transit, the restaurant scene, etc.

5. Use Social Media Marketing

One of the keys to successful blogging is making sure that the content you create circulates effectively. The more people who see your content, the more likely you are to find potential clients.


One way to circulate your content to a wider audience is with social media. This is also a good way to work on building relationships with clients. This can create trust, and help encourage clients to work with you.


Also, encourage your readers to share your content on social media. This will expose your content to their networks and will grow your influence.

6. Work with Other Real Estate Bloggers

It may seem counterintuitive to work with real estate bloggers. After all, aren’t they your competition?


The truth, however, is that other real estate bloggers can be a good source of publicity to your blog. For instance, you can work with bloggers who have different areas of expertise than you do. This way, they can point clients in your area to you, and you can point clients in their area to them.

7. Consider Your Audience

When you’re coming up with topics to cover on your blog, consider what information folks in your specific target market will appreciate. For example, if you are in a high-end area, you should gear your content to luxury buyers and sellers. By contrast, if you live in an area with young professionals, you may want to focus on content for first-time buyers.

8. Write Both Evergreen and Topical Posts

An effective blog is one that covers both evergreen and topical content in its posts.


Evergreen refers to content that will always be interesting to readers in a certain audience. For instance, a realtor blog could cover topics like “10 Tips for First Time Homebuyers,” or “How to Get Your House Ready to Sell.” Filling your blog with this kind of content will create more opportunities for folks to find your page.


Topical posts are those related to the specific time they are published. For instance, you could write a post covering online services like Open Listings. This is a good way to make potential clients aware of current opportunities.

9. Use Multi-Media Content

As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is definitely true when it comes to realtor blogs.


Don’t just present your readers with a wall of text. This is a sure way to bore visitors and encourage them to leave your website.


Make sure to include images and virtual tours of the home that you are selling. This is a great way to engage potential clients and excite them about possibilities.

10. Develop Email Lists

Organic search is certainly an effective way to drive users to your website, but it shouldn’t be your only strategy. You should also work on building an email list that will receive regular updates when you publish new content.


There are a few strategies you can use to build your email list. One simple way is to simply add a “subscribe” button to your website. You can also do some grassroots networking by passing out business cards or collecting emails at open houses.


Email updates can be a great way to make sure you stay on the radar of potential clients. For folks who have already used your services to buy or sell a house, it can be a good way to remind them to recommend your services to others.

Start Your Realtor Blog Today

With these tips in mind, you will be on your way to starting a successful realtor blog.


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