How to Build a Business Using Freelancers

In this article you will find out how freelancers can help us to build a business. There are three major possibilities to get consistent help:

  1. To start your own business in the web domain with the help of freelancers
  2. To develop your actual business with minimal costs
  3. To effectively build a business using freelancers

build a business using freelancers

How can I build my own business as a freelancer?

We all want to work independently, without having to report to our superiors and we all have thought at least once how great it would be to have our own business. The internet does not only unite all of the people and facilitates the communication, but it also offers us the opportunity of starting our own business.

Let`s assume that we have worked as freelancers in the last couple of years, we have some experience and our positive results are starting to attract more and more clients. In order to maintain a superior quality of work, a freelancer must obtain a limited number of projects. If the number of requests outgrows their potential, then they must refuse some of them in order to maintain the same level of quality. This means that monthly incomes are also limited. The good part is that we can rely on outsourcing. With the help of, we can discover other experienced freelancers which practice the same prices per project as our own, or even smaller. offers you the opportunity to analyze the reputation of each freelancer individually, and according to your projects and budget you can look for a person with who you can collaborate on your work. If for example you have a constant number of projects monthly, you can be sure that the freelancer with which you collaborate will minimize his financial requests.

The simplest way to discover an experienced freelancer is to start a contest. Let`s assume the price for a logo design is $30, then we will initiate a contest which offers $100 for the best logo design. In this way, we will attract all of the talented people from the web design domain and we will have the opportunity to select the best freelancer with which we can have a long-term collaboration.

how to make money as a freelancer

Another method through which you can do business and earn money with the help of freelancers is to recognize the type of project that you are working on. Let`s assume that I am a SEO Consultant, then my job will be to give some SEO tips to different customers, or to obtain the first position in the major search engines with all of my client`s websites. Let`s also assume that I am very good with SEO strategies and I have a website with a good position in the major search engines for some of my keywords. For example, I am first in my country on the keyword “SEO” and on the first page of the search engine results for “web design”. Because of this there are numerous clients who are requesting my help for a full web design project, but I don`t know anything outside of SEO. What can I do in this situation? The first answer will be to collaborate with a web agency and eventually gain a small commission at the end of the project. Is this the best solution for me? Is it not a better option to search for experienced freelancers ? I say it is much more advantageous! Now let me explain you why:

  • Your costs will be lower
  • A freelancer will pay greater attention to your project compared to a web agency
  • Most freelancers have already worked with web agencies and know what they can offer you extra on your project and what they cannot

So in this situation, all I have to do is to open an account on (I will explain you how at the end of the article), post some of my projects and search for some experienced freelancers that are interested in partnerships.  In the end, while managing my projects well, my income potential will be far greater compared to the situation in which I offer only SEO services for each of my clients.

How can I grow my business using freelancers

Let`s assume that you have your own online business – an online shop – and you have plenty of visitors but they are not buying anything. Your competitors are making a fortune and you are struggling to keep your business above the surface. After a good analysis you know that the only difference between you and your competitors is the aspect of your website, the web design. The next step will be to go with the flow and ask a web agency for help, but your financial situation does not allow you to invest large sums of money in your website. If you still want to keep your business alive, it is essential to take this important step, but you must seek an alternative if you don`t want to spend large amount of money on web agencies. A practical and efficient solution would be to request the services of a freelance designer. You will receive the same quality but at a smaller price.

Do you need a professional web design for your website? No problem, you just need to create a account and follow the afferent steps. All you need to do is describe the type of business that your are conducting, display your budget, and state some facts about how your website should look. The freelancers that are interested in your project will then bid for your project. You probably ask yourself about the experience and performance of certain freelancers, but you must know that every freelancer has a public profile in which you will find everything you need to know about them and their previous projects. You will also have the opportunity to read some reviews from older customers for a better investigation. It’s really that simple!

how to hire a freelancer

How to build a business using freelancers

Every business has its own start, and in most cases the first step is the most difficult of all. Starting a business requires lots of money, time and decisions. If we do not make the right decisions, then all money will be wasted, without any benefits to the business.

Let`s assume that we have a local business, a bed and breakfast and we want to attract more customers. What we need to do is to “infiltrate” in the online world. When it comes to accommodation, most of the people decide to search for a good place on the internet; therefore, the market is very big for this niche in the online world, even for local businesses competition is very big. We want a good website, with a nice aspect, modern and with plenty of visitors, visitors that will eventually become clients. If our website reaches the first three positions in search engines, we will surely receive enough clients – this means that we can afford to put a substantial budget in fight to create a professional website. The problem is that we do not have the necessary experience to make such a website, so we need to ask freelancers or web agencies for help regarding:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • To create and to add content on the website
  • SEO

 Why should I start a business with freelancers?

Let`s start with the web design process. If we hire a web agency, we must know that the web design+web development will cost almost $2000, apart from the content creation and SEO. A complete SEO for a keyword with a medium competition will cost almost $1500, and the content creation will cost somewhere around $200. So you have a total of approximately $3700.

On the other hand, if you create a account and you post 2 projects: one for the web design and web development and the other one for SEO and copywriting, the whole process will cost only $1700. The job will be done by professional freelancers whose portfolio you can check anytime.

How to effectively hire freelancers

There are few big websites which unite freelancers with people who want their services and probably the best and biggest community is To open a Bid, after you have created an account, just click on the “Post Project” button situated on the left side of your account page. After you click this button you will open another page that looks like a form.  You then start to complete the name of your project (with a describing title), select the category in which you want to place your project and write some details about what you want to do. You can create a stable price or you can place a price based on the working hours. Also, you can make your payments in almost any currency you want.

Regarding the importance of the project and the time in which you want to finalize it, you can select one of the 5 following statuses (Featured, Urgent, Private, Sealed, Fulltime) – but it is recommended that you use the Featured option. After you have completed all of these details you just need to click on the “Post Project Now” button and all of the hard work is done. After your project is accepted by, you can contact the freelancers who have applied to your project via mobile phone, e-mail or instant message. That is all.

So, now that you know how to build a business using freelancers I hope that I’ve opened your mind and you will act smart.

*Written by axelandrul – a dedicated freelancer 🙂

Written by Alexander

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