Themes for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome – A Brief Overview

Brand Thunder gives businesses and users the ability to completely customize the web browsing experience. It makes it simple and easy for brands to reach their target audiences through a medium that they use for hours each and every day. It also makes browsing and using the Internet simpler and easier for the users who use the custom themes.

These custom themes are available for all of the major platforms, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Looking into examples of themes on each platform will help you to better understand what these themes can do and what they can accomplish for both the creator and the user.


One of the prime examples of a strong browser theme for Firefox comes in the form of the Miami Heat browser. At first, the browser seems like a simple fan page. It uses the Miami heat logo and the colors of the team for everything from the buttons to the tabs.

When you start to dive further into the theme, you start to see the true power of theme creation. Users will find quick access to important Miami Heat links, including the team page and team twitter page, integrated into the browser. They will also find links that give them simple and easy access to the ticket purchasing website and fan forums. The theme creates an immersive experience that is perfect for Heat fans. This is beneficial for fans in the sense that it makes it easier to interact with their team and their passion, and is beneficial for businesses in the sense that it immerses their fans in the brand.

Internet Explorer

IGN has completely embraced Brand Thunder and has created an official Brand Thunder browser theme. The browser theme features deep integration with the world of IGN. It features colors and a background that are designed after the IGN page. It features quick links to all of the important links that connect back to the IGN web page. It also features a side bar that features all of the top stories and reviews completed by the website.

This gives IGN the perfect tool to completely integrate their single website with every single website experienced by the user. It gives them direct access to the website and the articles on the website, pushing them to use the website more often than they usually would.


Brand Thunder works with Google Chrome as a partner, creating themes that can be found on the Chrome web store. One of the most popular themes is the CollegeHumor website theme.

This particular theme features the CollegeHumor logo on the start page and in the task bar of the browser itself. What is most important is the feed reader that is found on the theme. It brings users directly the stories and news articles that are posted by CollegeHumor. Again, this theme allows seers to interact with the website even when they are not actually visiting the website.

There are plenty of themes that are already available through each of these platforms through Brand Thunder. The business also offers a theme-building tool, known as BT:Engage, that makes it simple and easy for users to completely customize their web browsing experience by creating their own theme.

The possibilities with theme building are seemingly endless, as shown by these various examples. When you see what has already been created for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer, you can begin to understand how you can uniquely customize your own browser to see maximum benefits.

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