How Spec Work Undermines the Design Business

Elise Lévêque

Elise Lévêque is an ambitious freelance translator with a passion for photography and related creative subjects, who has learned the hardships of working on her own through experience and trial and error. Here she shares her tips for Office King.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Elise, I am not a big fan of crowdsourcing, I admit I have been participated in a few, on various websites. I do agree with you on some of the things you mention but the last core point you presented is are not entirely true. At least on some of the crowdsourcing websites, all non-wining designs remain under property of the designer, thus the designer can do whatever he wants to do with his work. This is a huge deal since unused designs can be put up for sale on online marketplaces thus designers can earn something out of their own work! I would be very happy to see more opinions.

  2. Babawich says:

    I don’t know of any logo crowd sourcing websites that say you lose rights to your designs. Bunch of misinformation here and I’ve seen a lot of designers who hate the idea do this.

    Most can turn around and sell designs on places like stock logos. Also a lot of these company’s that use crowd sourcing for logo design have lower budgets and would never use a regular logo firm. They would end up designing it themselves which would be worse. 😉

  3. Thanks for your comments! With this post, I don’t mean to say that all contests have a rule where companies keep the rights to all submitted work. I am merely stating
    that there are contests like that . For instance, there was a contest from Coca Cola not long ago, ‘Blank You Very Much’, where all submitted work was going to be owned by Coca Cola. So the winner got a reward, however Coca Cola had a lot of free drafts to use for the future. There were a few designers that questioned the ethics of this, and now the clause about them retaining all rights has disappeared.

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