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The best CSS and Flash web galleries – Places to inspire

Ever found yourself blank, with no inspiration or in a situation in which every idea you come up with seems not good enough ? Well, don’t worry. Every designer has these kind of moments.

CSS and Flash web galleries are great places to get inspiration from. Most galleries showcase loads of good and original concepts which can get you over these kind of moments.

CSS Beauty

CSS Beauty - Best CSS and Flash Web Galleries

Probably the oldest (it was started in 2004) and most known and appreciated CSS gallery. It’s maintained by Alex Giron, co-founder and senior consultant of nclud and includes besides the web gallery a job board, a design news section and one of the best CSS forums on the web.

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Design Snack

Design Snack - Best CSS and Flash Web Galleries

Design Snack is our personal favorite (except CLD Web Gallery of course) CSS and Flash web gallery. It’s a user controlled web design showcase, meaning that the content is decided by the users, not by the admins.

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CSS Mania

CSS Mania - Best CSS and Flash Web Galleries

CSS Mania is another great web gallery with a 4 year tradition behind. Currently it indexes over 10000 websites and has over 13000 RSS subscribers. Started by Gabriel Segura, one of the founders of Blogs Media, featuring a powerful perl/php/mysql script mix, CSS Mania offers besides the web gallery a really nice job board.

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CSS Remix

CSS Remix - Best CSS and Flash Web Galleries

“A fresh blend of the best-designed Web 2.0 sites” as they call themselves, CSS Remix is one of the giants of the niche with over 13000 readers. It’s powered by the strong content management system Expresion Engine which makes CSS Remix one of the most reliable websites of its kind.

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Best Web Gallery

Best Web Gallery - Best CSS and Flash Web Galleries

Best Web Gallery is a really stylish CSS and Flash websites showcase. It’s maintained by Nick La, the founder of Web Designer Wall and N.Design-Studio . Powered by WordPress, this web gallery has quickly became one of the top names of the niche.

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CSS Elite

CSS Elite - Best CSS and Flash Web Galleries

CSS Elite, started in March 2006, is a great CSS gallery and web development resources website. Also powered by WordPress, what sets this gallery apart is the great collection of design resources, fit for any web developer.

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CSS Zen Garden

CSS Zen Garden - Best CSS and Flash Web Galleries

CSS Zen Garden is, like the title says, the Zen of CSS Design. It was started as a demonstration of the power of CSS and as an encouragement for designers to learn as much CSS as possible to make the Internet a more beautiful place. This is a must-stop place for web designers, and this thing is illustrated by the highest Google page rank of all web galleries.

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W3C Sites

W3C Sites - Best CSS and Flash Web Galleries

Despite its name, W3C SItes is not an initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) . It’s just a solid, popular, standard-compliant websites showcase. Started in 2004, W3C Sites is getting over 3 million hits / month, showcases over 11500 websites and hosts a community of over 5600 designers from 113 countries.

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Design Flavr

Design Flavr - Best CSS and Flash Web Galleries

As Design Snack, Design Flavr is also one of our favorite web galleries. This websites is part of the “new wave” of web galleries that’s challenging the “elders” domination in this niche. The best way to describe this website is tasteful. Everything is at it’s place, the colours combine perfectly, the menus are great, even the advertising doesn’t bother. Design Flavr also hosts loads of quality design resources.

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Stylegala - Best CSS and Flash Web Galleries

Stylegala is actually a portal for web designers offering everything from design news to a great resources, a design forum and inspirational material (the gallery).

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Other Web galleries worth mentioning :

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