30 Best Platforms to Know More About CSS

When it comes to designing a website or modifying an existing web design, having a knowledge of CSS or Cascading style sheet language is a must. In fact, CSS is one of the basic prerequisite for designing a visually appealing website. What’s good about CSS is that it is an easy language and you can get a hang of it by putting in some time and efforts. This post is about 30 best platforms that help you to know more about the wonderful language called CSS.

Learn CSS

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You will find some great and highly useful CSS references and CSS blogs. This will definitely help you learn more about the language as well as know some intricate details like how certain browsers react to certain CSS elements. You will also get to know about some services that can be of great help when it comes to generating code and cheat sheets for easy reference of selectors, pseudo-classes, and properties. Read further and enlighten yourself.

CSS References

1. W3C CSS3 Basic User Interface Module


It may not be a very user friendly reference, but this official CSS3 specifications from the world wide web consortium, has everything that you will need to know about CSS.

2. SitePoint CSS Reference


Sitepoint is one of the largest webmaster communities which provides great reference for learning CSS. It has various properties and each of them includes information of the version it was introduced in.  Last but not the least, it also provides great examples of applying various properties.

3. Dochub


This is another user friendly reference. It boasts of a list of every CSS property one can ever think of. All you need to do is to click on the property on the left hand column. When you do this, it will provide you with a summary and example in the main content area.

4. Mozilla CSS Reference


This is a very good reference as it has a list of CSS properties, @-rules, selectors, and pseudo-classes and elements in the alphabetical order. Besides this, each property’s CSS version is also listed along with its browser compatibility.

Mozilla CSS Reference

The best thing about this reference is that everything is presented in an organized manner that makes it very easy to use.

5. CSS Dog


It is completely dedicated to CSS and provides some really useful references for CSS properties, CSS3 selectors and CSS shorthand properties.

6. HTML5 CSS Properties


This reference includes a list of all the valid properties of CSS2.1. Moreover, everything from possible values, examples, short descriptions and related properties of each property are given in a clear manner.

7.  CSS3 Click Chart


With this reference you can master a variety of CSS3 tricks. Just click on the property you want to reproduce and you will see the code at the bottom of the page. It also includes description, browser support, and link to world wide web consortium information page.

8. CSS Easy


If you find CSS difficult, you can make it easy with the help of CSS Easy. It is very useful and instead of providing lists, it allows you to view the code of each layout and thus closely examine the HTM and CSS code in a detailed manner.

CSS Easy

This helps you to understand clearly how exactly the layout was created.

9. CSS Properties and Values


It contains lists of CSS properties and values. It also has more information about the property. You will find this information on the right hand side of the page.

10. CSS Reference


It has a list of CSS properties from the world wide web. It is divided into various categories. It also includes examples, short examples and valid values of the properties.

11. CSS3 Previews


Although this reference has only around dozen properties listed but all the properties have detailed explanation and simple examples of how they work. It also includes details on browser compatibility.

12. Meiert CSS Properties


This includes CSS property table updated on a regular basis. The list is in the alphabetical order and has a link to the W3 information page. The table also tells you with what CSS version does the property work with and also its initial value.

13. CSS 3 Selectors Explained


It has a detailed and useful article on CSS3 selectors.

14. CSS3 Color Names


It includes an alphabetical list with examples of  the147 color names that are defined in CSS3 color specification.

Compatibility Tables

15. CSS3 Compatibility Table


This reference includes information like which version of different browsers does each CSS3 selector work with.

16. When Can I Use


This is a wonderful browser compatibility table that tells you which CSS3 elements are supported on desktop and which are supported on mobile browsers. It also tells you about version, language etc.

17. CSS3 Browser compatibility Table


This table has a list of CSS3 selectors and properties on Mac and Windows

CSS Tutorials

18. CSS Basics


A great resource especially for beginners. It gives you a clear understanding of how CSS actually works. It has 18 chapters and covers everything from CSS classes to lists and pseudo elements.

19. CSS Tutorial


Another one tutorial for CSS that is very helpful for beginners. It takes you step by step through basics of CSS. It has more than 50 video tutorials and many pod casts.

20. CSS Tricks


CSS Tricks

This is certainly the best CSS blog online. It tells you about various CSS tricks and techniques.

21. CSS Play


If you want to understand how layouts, menus, boxes and other CSS tricks work, this is the best place.

22. 456 Berea Street


This is simply a great resource that includes around 400 CSS tutorials.

CSS Cheat Sheets

23. Pxleyes Cheat Sheet


This is available in landscape(horizontal) as well as portrait(vertical) mode. It is a useful sheet that has a list of most useful CSS properties and selectors. There is a box that displays where padding, borders, content and margins go.

24. Veign CSS3 cheat Sheet


This is a large Cheat sheet that has properties organized by their types. It also shows the values for each property on the right hand side.

25. Sencha CSS3 Cheat Sheet


This sheet tells you about the new properties that have been added to CSS3. This can be a great resource if you are comnfortable with previous veriosns of CSS,

26. BlueprintCSS Cheat Sheet


This is a great and very useful cheat sheet for BlueprintCSS framework users. On the second page, it shows grids for designing things like file structures, layouts, and tools and resources.

27. CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet


CSS Shorthand Cheatsheet

This is a user-friendly cheat sheet specially for beginners. There are eight topics that include padding, margin, background and fonts.

28. CSS Cheat Sheet(V2)


This is one of the best sheets and shows a box model and lists of popular syntax, properties and units by category.

29. YUI Library


This is a cheat sheet for YUI Library CSS framework and deals basically with grids and fonts.

30. GoSquared CSS2 and CSS3 Cheat Sheets


This sheets displays the most popular syntax and properties along with a very useful box model.

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