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How to successfully convert PSD to HTML5 and CSS3

What is the difference between PSD and HTML

Photoshop files have the default extension .PSD, which is typical for a Photoshop Document. The PSD file contains an image with support for most of the image options available in Photoshop. These include layers with masks, transparency, text, alpha channels and spot colors, clipping contours and duplex settings.

Hypertext Markup Language, commonly referred to as HTML, is the standard markup language that is used to create web pages. HTML, as well as CSS and JavaScript, is the cornerstone of the technology that is used by most websites to create attractive web pages, user interfaces for web and mobile applications.

To convert Photoshop designs into a website, you will not have to face the old problems again. Our team has fixed all the shortcomings when converting Photoshop to HTML, and also improved the rest of the processes.

For every website developer, codding is not only a job but also a life and a passion.

When we convert PSD to HTML, you get the purest code without bugs.

In addition to getting a quality website development, you get friendly and responsive service. It will be a real pleasure for you to work with us.

We work 24/7, promptly respond to requests, and you can get your finished project in a day.

The project manager will answer all your questions, identify all your needs. You will be sure that you are important to us.

It’s easy to make sure of this. Send us a message and we will start our fruitful cooperation.

How do we convert PSD to HTML?

First, we conduct it one-on-one or as close as possible to the original.

Secondly, we do our job from the first time. You will not have to waste your time on alterations and inaccuracies.

During the conversion process, the website will undergo various levels of testing and refinement: excellent CSS organization and HTML selection from the outside and from the inside.

The website converted from PSD to HTML is undergoing stress testing on all devices. The work involves a programmer, a highly qualified tester and a talented designer.

We offer two options to choose from when converting a website from PSD to HTML5 / CSS3:

1) You send us projects for PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

2) You create a desktop design, and our UX teamwork with our web developers to scale your site to smaller screens.

When we convert PSD to HTML, we conduct the final project through three levels of quality assurance:

  1. Our designer reviews every project that we code, which allows us to guarantee compliance with your original design.
  2. Two or three people, in addition to the designer, test your website on every browser and device, as a result of which we do our work correctly from the first time.

And once again about our attitude to customers. It is very important for us that there is a smile on the client’s face when he communicates with us. For us, this is a signal that we are doing everything right. This approach sets us apart from many other companies that are engaged in the conversion of PSD to HTML. Our goal is a satisfied customer who has received high service and a high-quality product.

We are ready to discuss in detail with you your expectations and needs for PSD projects for HTML5 / CSS3 for fruitful collaboration.

Your smile is the official goal of our company. Write to us right now so that we can find out what we need to do about this.

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