8 Popular Modern Fonts Free Download for 2018 Design

Using the right font for your design projects is one of the important facts, fonts could make your design standout or it look ugly if you apply the wrong one.  It can take a while to test different look and feel of each font in your design.  Whether you are doing a business card, company logo, poster, or website design, you should find a perfect one for your layout.

Thank you for the Internet, nowadays, you can search on the web for fonts to download.  Modern Font style has been popularly used in graphic design these few years.  Here is a list 8 of the popular download Modern Fonts for free, and we are looking forward to see more typography design with Modern Font in 2018!


Modern Fonts Free for Download

Painter font by Måns Grebäck

Painter Modern Fonts - Ma?ns Greba?ck

[cta_btn color=”info” size=”” link=”” ]Download[/cta_btn]


Sweet Sensations font by Billy Argel

Sweet Sensations Personal Use font Modern Fonts

[cta_btn color=”info” size=”” link=”” ]Download[/cta_btn]


Rainbow Bridge font by Billy Argel

Rainbow Bridge Modern Font by Billy Argel

[cta_btn color=”info” size=”” link=”” ]Download[/cta_btn]


Calling Angels font by Billy Argel

Calling Angels Modern Font — Created in 2017 by Billy Argel

[cta_btn color=”info” size=”” link=”” ]Download[/cta_btn]


Great Day font by Billy Argel

Great Day Modern Font — Created in 2016 by Billy Argel

[cta_btn color=”info” size=”” link=”” ]Download[/cta_btn]


Above DEMO font by Herofonts

Above DEMO font — Created in 2015 by Herofonts

[cta_btn color=”info” size=”” link=”” ]Download[/cta_btn]


Variane Script font by Work Ins Studio

Variane Script Modern Font — Created in 2015 by Work Ins Studio

[cta_btn color=”info” size=”” link=”” ]Download[/cta_btn]


Watermelon Script Demo font — Created in 2016 by Misti’s Fonts

Watermelon Script Demo Modern Font — Created in 2016 by Misti's Fonts

[cta_btn color=”warning” size=”” link=”” ]Download[/cta_btn]


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