Make Your Construction Website Design Stand out with These Hot Ideas

In a study from last year, it turns out less than 60% of small businesses have a mobile-friendly website. As most users find out about businesses of all kinds through their web presence, a great website has become a must for every industry. If you want to compete in this era, your construction website design must be cutting edge and user-friendly.


While there are lots of template-based web design solutions that make things easy, you need good design principles as a foundation for your website. Even the best tools can be misused.


Design trends change over time. Whether you’re creating a brand new site or looking to revamp an old site, following these 5 construction website design tips will improve engagement and traffic.

1. Use the Right Images

If you haven’t taken professional portraits of your facility, your equipment, and your staff, it’s time to get that done. Having great images will allow you to show off your best self to your potential customers and make your competitors jealous.


Make sure you optimize your images so that they look great but load quickly. Big 10MB photos will take a while to load on your users’ screens. Given that most users will end up losing patience after 2 seconds, you need to find a way to get your images to users without compromising quality.

2. Easy To Use Menus

If all else fails, follow the 3 click rule. You should be able to get anywhere on your site in 3 clicks or less. If your menus are complicated and lack intuitiveness, frustrated users will look for another construction website.


Search engines also tend to reward sites with easy to navigate menus with higher rankings in their search results.

3. Let Your Page Breathe

Whitespace is an important element of good design. If your construction website design contains lots of text elements, it can contribute to readability.


This negative space allows your images and text to have better impact. Break up elements and let everything breath.

4. Add Social Media Buttons

It’s become essential for every business to have a social media presence on just about every social media channel. Even if you don’t have a personal Instagram account, having an account for your business allows you to show off your work to a wide audience.


Talk about upcoming products on Facebook and give regular updates to your followers. Connect with local landscaping companies, building supply warehouses, and build a community of businesses that support one another.

5. Add A Call-to-Action

A well-placed CTA that sits at the top or bottom of every page of your site will allow customers to get in touch with your immediately. Whether they call your front desk or send an email to your office when clicked, they allow you to quickly generate leads.


Once a customer is sold on your business, you don’t want them to back down between the time they decide and when they pick up the phone. Adding a simple button will get them talking to your receptionist in moments.


If you want to see some good examples of CTAs, check out Comfreight’s site to find out more.

Construction Website Design Doesn’t Need To Be Boring

The design of your website can be engaging, user-friendly, and useful to your visitors. Add a blog to share some useful hints for troubleshooting simple and common problems. Vistors will share your writing and help build your brand authority.


If you’re looking for more ways to improve your web presence, follow our guide of trends that are changing web design in the coming year.

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