Why PUA Encoded Fonts are Good for the Design Industry


A font is just a font right? You buy it, download it, and install it, done! Not quite……

For years font designers have created fonts specifically targeted at Graphic Designers who have access to premium software, which is ok, if you can afford Adobe Suites and the like. But what if you can’t?

Saving money is the start of making money, so what if you didn’t have to buy expensive design software just to access all the font glyphs? Well now you can! Introducing – a premium font marketplace offering fully accessible PUA encoded fonts.

PUA (Private Use Area) encoded fonts are fonts which have been assigned Glyphs you can use in Character Map and Fontbook. Character Map is a free windows software application which shows all the glyphs of that particular font. Fontbook does the same but for Mac. With this anybody can access the font extra special glyphs which were once only accessible to the higher end software purchasing customers.

So what is so special about this? Well this opens up a whole need industry and of font consumers. People who work with Arts and Crafts as both a hobby and as a business are able to get exactly what they have paid for without going out and spending more than they have to. Software such as Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio which a lot of crafts people use are able to function as they should and people are generally able to consume fonts which were once inaccessible. This is great news for designers, retailers and the consumer, the industry becomes a bigger place and more people are able to enjoy their fonts for what they were designed to do, create and design!

revolution font bundleSo where does this leave you if you are a crafter? Well, the first thing is you can create some new, exciting and pretty awesome designs. Things you couldn’t made before. Even better is the fact that to celebrate a revolution in the industry have released a Craft Font Bundle which contains 40 fully PUA encoded fonts for only $29. Saving you a cool 95% off the RRP and $571. To the future on beyond!


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