[Infographic] The Power of Colors in Web Design: The Color Blue

What do you know about the psychology of colors? It turns to be one of the most interesting aspects of web design. A color scheme has a great impact on how visitors will react to your site. As a webmaster, you should not only speak with words, but also with emotions. And this is where colors step in. Choose the right color, and people will listen to you.

Among the variety of colors, there are three natural colors that make the “fantastic” unity, and you know them as RGB (red, green, blue). These colors are more preferable to artificial ones. We can single out blue color from this trinity, as it is one of the mostly used colors in web design. It is perfect for increasing brand recognition, and customer’s trust.

Why is it so popular to use blue in designs? Because it’s the color of stability, unity, authority and trustworthy, and if you want your website to be associated with these notions, then the blue color scheme will be extremely good for your project. Confidence and reliability are the strong points of blue color that make it a top choice for web designers.

Recently I’ve run into a cool infographic concerning this theme – “Coolness of Blue in Web Design”. It’s all about the power of blue color in design. The infographic shows what sites use blue and complimentary colors and explains color meanings by culture. Also, it provides free color codes so you could easily build blue web pages. We hope you will not only find the infographic inspiring, but also useful.

The Power of Colors in Web Design: The Color Blue

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