30 Colorful Website Designs

If you’re looking to create visual excitement for your brand, product or service, color is a great way to do it, and who doesn’t like colorful website designs. All colors have meaning, and combining them can create interesting styles as well as visual interest.

Colors are also easy to experiment with, and are much easier to change than other aspects of a web design. These days, with CSS or web building tools, it’s as simple as a few keystrokes, and many tools even have color pickers which you can find on¬†website creator reviews.

Colors should match your overall brand and company or personal vision. Finding colors to use in a design is pretty easy, and there are lots of tools that can help, so check it out.

In this post, we’ll look at 30 colorful web designs that use color, and lots of it. More colorful inspiration can be found in other articles on blog, such as these color-creative website designs.



Games We Played


Alexander Zhestkov


Austin Beer Works


Chester Zoo

XOXO Festival


Wee Society

Bit Byte Bit

Saturday Place

Red Pop


Middle Mojo

Studio Sweet Studio

So and So

Image Festival Rotterdam

Shelton Fleming

The Work Cycle

Captain Daylight


District Clothing

Moving Things

Gubb and Mackie




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