How to Work With a Web Store Content

Content for an online store is an important component of a successful online trading project. It is not enough to create a site and fill it with products. It is important to provide users with useful and valuable information about products, services, delivery, and other points of operation. Done useful and correct, relevant and interesting content will encourage users to make a decision and motivate them to make a deal and place an order.

The right content = A profitable store

It would seem that the owners of online stores should do everything to ensure that their site brings maximum benefit – turning visitors into buyers, but things are different in reality. Many of us still believe that the product range means everything. And sometimes even a huge selection of products is not necessary. The main reason is: “if a person is interested, he or she definitely will buy the product.

But no one thinks about why the client should be interested in a product.

In order for an online store to be profitable, the main criteria must be covered:

  • It must be easy to find (Advertising in search or Top organic output);
  • Users must be interested to stay on a store page (Users stay on the site and do not close it after 10 seconds);
  • The assortment, price, and other conditions must satisfy customer needs;

so that the product and the store itself are favorably distinguished from other markets in a comparison.

Content is your friend in all these tasks. Useful, interesting, and correct content attracts users to the site, helps retain the audience, and encourages them to buy your product. If you don’t take care of the content on your site, you won’t get far.

Texts: Aiming for informativeness

Texts are needed almost everywhere: on the home page, on pages of categories and subcategories, in product cards, in “Delivery and Payment”, “Guarantees”, “Promotions”, FAQ, blog, and so on.

Of course, we should act without fanaticism: you shouldn’t make up anything unnecessary and, for example, write a useless essay like “How to use the phone and dial a number” or “How to get to our office with your feet”.

Remember this: on every page, the visitor should receive clear and accessible answers to their questions. The text should become a consultant – to tell where the person is, what can be found here, and to show how the store/company/goods will satisfy his or her needs.


The words are necessary, but all customers need to see the product face-to-face. Text and photos in an online store should work together, one can’t exist without the other.

The most often problem is not the lack of pictures, but their low quality or insufficient quantity. While ordering through the Internet a person can not feel, try on, touch the product – this is a serious barrier to purchase. That’s why it’s important to give the user high-quality, illustrative pictures from all sides.

The success or failure of the entire site, and therefore of your profit may depend on a single picture on the product card. The most obvious solution to the problem lies on the surface – you need a responsible approach to filling the online store content, making and placing professional photos. Nowadays it is possible to make professional photo shots even with a cell phone. The main thing is to properly prepare the images for publication. It can easily be done by Retoucher Online. But why in practice do we encounter hundreds of unattractive, fuzzy pictures every day that scare the visitors away from every online store?


If you want to stand out and draw attention to a product, be sure to include video content for your online store. This is one of the most promising trends. According to statistics, users who have watched product videos are 85% more likely to place an order than others.

Plus filling your online store with video content has a positive effect on your site’s internal ranking factors and increases search traffic.

Video gives a complete idea of the product – a user won’t just see flat images, but will see the product in action.

For the videos to become in demand, for the benefit of your store, you need to pay attention to their quality. You can’t just take a shot on your cell phone. You need to ensure image clarity, brightness, and saturation of the picture and even soundtrack. It may be necessary to enlist the help of professional operators.


The blog on the website needs serious attention. The main task of a blog is to give users useful, informative, and valuable material to think of. It is necessary to publish expert articles, telling about the features of the goods you sell, their operation and special features. Thanks to this, the level of users’ trust in you grows, and therefore they will be more willing to buy the product you are selling.

It’s important to have a detailed content plan for your online store that will allow you to regularly prepare and publish useful articles. In the plan it is necessary to schedule clearly by dates, which topics you will raise:

  • Holiday items;
  • Sales;
  • Reviews of new arrivals;
  • Instructions for using the goods;

and so on.

The options for a blog can vary. Just be sure to keep in mind that there may be urgent news between publications that should be written and published almost immediately (Like it was with during the COVID-19 pandemic)


It’s probably not a very modest thing to say that there are rules about what content on your store should look like, but there is. Without quality content, there will be no success or profit for your online store. Be sure to use content marketing to promote your store up high to fantastic sales.

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