Notary service online service or platform. Professional lawyer signing and legalizing paper document. Website. Isolated flat vector illustration

How To Incorporate Visuals In Your Law Firm’s Web Design

Promoting legal services means waging a war for user attention. Thousands of other law firm websites are constantly promoting and sharing content to attract users. Then there’s also the biggest web challenge of designing for the dwindling human attention span. According to a study, the average human attention span has significantly dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.

With all these noise and barriers, how can your law firm experience a breakthrough?

Incorporate visuals.

The effective use of graphics on your web design law firm can immediately grab users’ attention, present your firm’s personality, and communicate to your audience what you stand for. Plus, visual SEO done right can help boost your search engine ranking and attract more organic visits to your site.

Notary service online service or platform. Professional lawyer signing
Notary service online service or platform. Professional lawyer signing and legalizing paper document. Website. Isolated flat vector illustration

That said, here are tips and tricks when placing visuals on your website to better reach your audience and drive traffic to your law firm website:


  1. Use Relevant, High-Quality Images

As soon as a user lands on your law firm website, they should be able to tell what your firm is about and how it can serve them. Thus, you’d want to use and incorporate relevant, meaningful, and real-life images into your home page as well as landing pages that communicate the purpose of your website.

You can use images of your law firm, lawyers, and staff or those of your previous clients using your services to present a realistic and compelling representation of who you are. That said, you also want to bring in a professional photographer to help capture your legal services and practice and do them justice.


  1. Add Graphics Icons As Visual Cues

Icons have played a significant role in websites for many years as a way to cue users to perform actions. If you want to attract enough attention to a specific section on your webpage, these icons can help draw focus.

Other than that, graphic icons are also a great way to provide choices to users if there are numerous options without being too overwhelming. After all, a website can have increased bounce rates when users are faced with too many options.

To prevent that, you can use simple, or better yet, interactive icons to break up text when there are many menus or navigations on your law firm website such as on your homepage or service/practice pages.

A key point to remember about these graphic icons is to use them sparingly and it shouldn’t be obstructive. Don’t let them clutter the page and only use them on a few key areas.


  1. Insert Imagery In Body Text

Did you know that web visitors only read about 20% of the text on a webpage? Also, the eyes tend to gaze at images or visuals more than text. In this case, it’s recommended to add more graphical elements within your body text to facilitate quick comprehension and scanning of content.

You can do this by adding graphical bullets, statistics, or infographics on a web page to break up text and draw visitors. Or you can also make certain words or phrases larger than the rest of the content, becoming a visual element on its own, and draw focus on important information.


  1. Include Videos

In addition to simply using static imagery, your clients want to know more about you and your law firm. You want to make an excellent first impression to ensure they like what they see. What are your firm’s values? Why does your agency exist? What do you believe in? What are your services and practices? What impact have you had since you established your law firm?

That’s a lot to cover using text. Plus, it can get boring and reduce user experience if you’re going to give your audience a large block of black and white text.

In this case, a video can help you do more with less. Also, it can help you connect with users and earn their trust in the process. Not only that, but videos can also help improve search rankings. You can add one on your homepage or the About Us page to introduce your law firm and increase engagement.


  1. Client Images In Testimonials

Testimonials and social proof are a powerful addition to your landing page. Simply adding the quoted reviews can help build credibility and trust. Adding a picture of the client next to the testimonial can amplify the effect.

Adding a friendly face with some compelling results that the client achieved by hiring your law firm can increase relatability and make it look legit. After all, without a photo, the quote may just sound like it’s made up, something that anyone can do. With a client’s picture, it automatically looks more authentic and powerful.

That said, it’s important that you always ask permission from your client before adding their photo to testimonials on your website.


A visual web design is a must-have for any law firm website to help attract and engage clients. It can help differentiate your firm from your competitors, gain more site traffic, and boost your search ranking. Just make sure to follow the above tips to properly incorporate and use visuals to set up your law firm website success!

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